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    Is Yuna on KH2!!!???

    *sigh* i can't remember the actual link but if you did notice the voice actor for yuna in KH2 is the same one for ff x & ff x-2 and that would be pretty stupid to make yuna an adult while her "true love" (Tidus) is a kid when i fond the actual link i'll post it
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    Fanfiction ► KH III Memories of Friendship ( Story )

    i like what you did on the rikku & riku thing :D
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    sora vs riku who will win?

    Normally i would say Riku but if i put the facts straight you NEED to beat him those 2 times in KH as Sora and those 2/3 (i ferget -_-) times in CoM and Riku doesn't even fight a replica of Sora so i guess that means thst Sora would win even if riku was immune to magic and what-not. Also...
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    What Level??!!

    i baet it on lv. 73 and marluxia is the 2nd last fight
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    Who would you fuse with?

    umm riku!!!:D
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    FF character appearances in KH2`

    speaking of auron wouldn't it be kinda crappy i mean in FF X it was a turn based battle system now they put him in a real time game he a really slow charachter and all.........damn.....let's just hope we can cast Hastega in KH2
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    U Know U Have Played Too Much KH/CoM when...

    u know u've played.. 2 much CoM - when you pick up a green card and yell 'donald/goofy' - when you see an old man working at a haunted house and think "NO ANSEM BROUGHT ME TO THE DARK REALM" and beat up the man with a fake bat wing with a hilt 2 much Kh... - when you go up to some old guy...
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    Riku Fanclub!!!!!

    Welcome to the riku fanclub!!!!!!!! Here we will discuss all and everything Riku :D mabye with one or two sidetracks.... come here to say anything you want about Riku unless you wanna say he sucks cuz if you come here to say that you should prepare for the ultimate Dark Firaga from the whole...
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    kingdom hearts vending machine

    It's relly east you put something in at gat a prize
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    How Long Did It Take You To Beat Kingdom Hearts ?

    62 hrs with every thing complete
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    i don't hav relly much to say but if you get me going i could talk fer a good 3/4 days...