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    Coded is Stupid

    Re: Coded is Retarded I don't think its gonna be a COMPLETE re-hash. Even the re-hash titles added a new world or two to the mix. (CoM had Castle Oblivion introduced Twilight Town and Days expanded Neverland). I have a feeling that Re: Coded maybe (and this is a big maybe) will have at least...
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    When is there going to be a BBS demo at the Playstation Store?

    Days did have a demo. It was available at the Download Stations at stores like GameStop and Target.
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread Unless for some reason HJO could not come back to do the role of Vanitas. There have been many occasions where voice actors have been replaced (i.e. Zane was replaced by Epcar.). Its highly plausible.
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread What about Mark as Vanitas?
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    Dead Space

    This is probably one of the scariest survivor horror games I've ever played. The environment and the sounds definitely are what freak me out the most. Add a Necromorph leaping up from the ground to all that and you've got me swearing and pressing the pause button on impulse.
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    358/2 Delay- Could it mean...?

    Nor am I stating that it will. Just a hypothesis. It could also mean that they've decided to make it a DSi game, make it multi-cartridge and utilize the external storage feature to allow room for more voiced scenes, but again, doesn't mean it will.
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    358/2 Delay- Could it mean...?

    Apparently in the newest trailer for the game, it said the game was coming out in Spring of 09, when it was stated earlier to be releasing in Febuary. Could this delay mean a simultaneous release or perhaps something at least relatively close (like a month or two between)? There is...
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    Strangest Video Game Endings...

    Many video games have some reaaaaaally strange endings. What are some that you've seen? For me it would have to be Eternal Sonata's ending. As beatiful as the ending was, it was quite strange as well. I won't spoil anything, but wow.
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    RE: Chain Of Memories - Voice Cast

    Re: Chain Of Memories - Voice Cast Hmmm. I'd love to hear Patrick Seitz (voice of Chopin in Eternal Sonata) as Zexion.
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    Speed Grapher

    I bought the complete series a few weeks ago and I have to say its one of the greatest anime I've ever seen. Its a great social commentary on how human greed, lusts, and the thirst for power affect us. With many great voice talent from actors such as: Chris Ayres, Greg Ayres, Christopher Sabbat...
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    Greg Ayres Panel on Fansubbing

    If you haven't already, please watch this YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. A very informative panel on how fansubbing has affected the anime industry.
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    358/2 Days

    ...I'm just a little disturbed by the lack of news on this game. Since I hear it was supposed to be realeasing this summer in Japan...
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    Anime-Mid Atlantic 08

    Anyone going? I'm pretty excited, they've got five voice actors attending, a record for AMA (usually its just 3) and its at a beach! ^_^
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    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (So Long Mr.Despair)

    An amazingly hilarious anime that I happened to stumble across accidently. Very interesting animation style. Story is pretty much random. Anyone else seen of it?
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    Tales of Innocense

    YouTube - Tales of Innocence - Tokyo Game Show Trailer Game Trailer This game looks freaking amazing. The graphics are great for a DS title and the gameplay looks to run incredibly smooth.
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    Interesting, though the game takes only 10 years in the past. Therefore, Sora is quite alive, and most likely has a heart.
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    BBS, the 3rd Hero

    From the interview:" There are three Heroes: Terra, Ven, and another character in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep." Now if the third hero was Aqua, wouldn't Nomura say "Aqua" insted of "another character". If it isn't Aqua, who could the third hero be? It could possibly be the Dark...
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    358/2 Voice Acting?

    I'm hoping. Now for a little bit of fun. Who do you think they would cast for the voices of the CoM Organization members? Zexion- Johnny Yong Bosch (that'd be soooooo awesome!) Larxene- I don't know her name, but whoever voiced Bordeaux in .hack//GU would be a good choice...
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    Snow White World?

    Its highly possible. Agrabah has been played out waaaay toooo much. Vote no for Agrabah in '08.