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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    Well that's a good question, I would assume so because they are still human in general, they just lack hearts to feel emotion with. And for the second question, It's really all up to the game makers and your imagination. They want you to think past the story, be it the plot, or homosexual...
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    Akuroku is the paring of Roxas and Axel together and yaoi is basically guyxguy stuff I hope that helped ^^
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    Well I'm not really in the mind of the game makers, so I couldn't say what is really going on, but I do sorta see something there. The situation does kinda of make me uncomfortable at the moment, but I have no objections about others sexuality. It would just take some time for me to warm up to...
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    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: KH2 Novel Translations - Official Thread Whoa, I never knew about these. They're really awesome, thought! Thanks! :D
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    WTF Axel's name?

    I kinda wanted his name to be Ale because of the alcoholic reference, it fits his personality in my perspective. But Lea is good, too. Not like I could do anything about it. xD
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    I'd rather see them as best friends than...something else. I never really liked the whole yaoi thing. :/