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    KH3 in TGS? Translation plz

    Zup guys , I've found this on FF7AC reunion and it says something about KH3 in the TGS ( I guess x'Du) Here's the link FF7AC reunion it appears to be an interview o.o
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    luxord Cloud's nobody!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    ROFLMAO This thread is insane D:
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    IGN: DKΣ1373 Video Coverage

    IGN has posted a video of Square-Enix's DKΣ1373 event which took place 4 days ago.Although they weren't able to show any Fabula Nova Crystallis/Kingdom Hearts/Dissidia trailers thanks to the closed theatre, Jeff Haynes does show what the event was like and gives basic descriptions of the...
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    Reasons why BBS will be more mature

    That's my reason <3 lolz
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    Aqua's Outfit

    She's the hottest girl of KH o_O Sorry Aeris ~
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep So Far

    Nice work :] -reading-
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    Wich difficulty in BBS???

    The secret ending of BBS will be on the internet , so I'm not worried (?) I guess Proud mode :]
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 'Coming 2008' Confirmed (?)

    Looks like Square Enix is staying true to their word to release Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days sometime this year: A new advertisement of the game, found inside Dragon Quest V's case, states the game is "Coming 2008". Perhaps Square Enix will give us the release date during their private event...
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    which game do you think is more fun?

    KHIIFM+ ! Reasons? *use quote* D: