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    Chuck Norris Jokes

    I really love them. I wanna hear all of them! so here are the ones I have heard: Chuck Norris is the reason Waldo is hiding Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch, he decides what time it is Chuck Norris doesn't sleep, he waits Guns don't kill people, Chuck Norris kills people. Chuck Norris went to...
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    Sora's Official Height?

    ha. im taller then sora even though im an eleven year old (5"7")
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    Speculation of the E.S Battle (Spoilers Knights names and possibly Old man's)

    i agree with *player* who agrees with MuffinMan because just look at the theroy of the week. sorrry im too lazy to bring a link for it. also after you look at that, look at the secret ansem report 1 from kh2 Ansem the Wise brought in Xehanort and nursed him from the face of death. then he...
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    Possible names for E.S.

    i bet you his name is solum. that seems the most reasonable name for him. however there have been very convincing points people have been making that E.S is xehanort. :)
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    Kairi with a keyblade?!

    AH HA! so you do like the idea of KH online... heh, i thought you would all flame on me
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    Did you use magic or summons at all?

    HEAL. nothing else, sorry
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    lol i just noticed some thing

    wow... how can you remember all those japanese voices? jeez...
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    how long?

    well, you forgot the type of game your dealing with... it could be 200000 years with no explanation
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    Kairi with a keyblade?!

    you know, if nomura keeps "handing out" keyblades he might as well make a Kingdom Hearts Online, where you make your own guy, get a keyblade, go out into the worlds and interact with other key-bearers! :)
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    Where are Pete and Maleficent?!

    d00d im so tired of malficent. she is soooooo dumb and her name is hard to spell. so i'd laugh if shes dead
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    Teh Funniest Vid Evar!!!1!!!11!!!

    YouTube - lol, Kingdom Hearts This vid is sooooo funny, i didn't want to get fired over it. I AGREE THAT THE VERY BEGINNING MIGHT NOT BE FUNNY, BUT JUST WATCH THE WHOLE THING please... enjoy.
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    Kairi with a keyblade?!

    yeah... but we dont even know if she will be part of the party in kh3
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    Kairi with a keyblade?!

    answer to #1. she would probably be like... i dunno she might surprise us answer to #2. I could imagne her as a mage like donald answer to #3. Riku gave her a keyblade that came from his own answer to #4. Well, she needed one from riku to defend herself anyway...
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    I Don't Get It!!!

    Why is Organization XIII so bad? somone already made a thread liek this but i dont think it was answerd good enough. I want to know why they were considerd the bad guys and why sora had to kill them all. Like Sora, they wanted the heartless gone, and they wanted to just get their hearts back...
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    1. this should be moved to kh2 final mix 2. we're pretty shure thats NOT roxas, and so for now, we are calling him B.H.S, short for Blonde Haired Soilder. 3. the B.H.S is left handed, and Roxas is generally a righty
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    Question and things i would like to point out

    the reason that axel feels the same way around sora, is because sora IS roxas, and thats why he gets the feeling.
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    Princesses of Hearts

    ummmm kairi didn't turn into a heartless, and she still got a nobody, so why couldnt the princeses get one too?
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    micky mouse

    welcome to kingdom hearts 1. eveyone already knows that. good job on finding it though
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    I Need Help!!!!!!!!

    personally i got stuck on the last riku..... but i was 9 years old then...
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    Riku vs Roxas!

    that was really cool. ROXAS IS 1337!