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    Did Riku like Kairi?

    Or perhaps they will get together in a spontaneous/unexpected/intimate way like how Yuna and Tidus got together.
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    Did Riku like Kairi?

    Well he could always hookup with the transvestite Xion later on.
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    Did Riku like Kairi?

    The thing is that's how Riku is. He goes to great lengths to save his friends. The lengths he went through to help Sora wake up was just as extreme. Did he like Kairi more than a friend? Probably. Same as Sora likes Kairi more than a friend. Will this subject ever arise in a future installment...
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    Did I hear Nomura right?

    Problem with Sora is, there's no subtelty either. Whenever there's a scene he has a blank face. And honestly in a series where every character is getting their history spelled out to the viewer, I don't think it's wise to have a character that gets developed through subtelty and expressions...
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    Did I hear Nomura right?

    How is it I know everything about Roxas, Xion, Riku, Terra, Aqua, Namine, Ventus, and even Axel yet when I think Sora I'm left scratching my head. Perhaps because he has received zero character development and is just a giant symbolic monolith. Sora=Loki and Burton Batman in terms of character...
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    Did I hear Nomura right?

    I did play the games and I know about the personalities of every character except....Sora. Sora is the biggest question mark of all. The substance is there somewhere it is very, VERY hidden. You know what KH is like, the Tim Burton Batman series. You know how it was more about the villains and...
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    Did I hear Nomura right?

    The sad thing is, everything you just said are nothing but assumptions. Not facts or evidence. Everything that you and I say are just theories. Until we get some scenes Sora stating this stuff like him being jealous of Riku or sad about the betrayal, nothing is official. Again, right now Sora is...
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    Did I hear Nomura right?

    Really? Really? Where was this development. It wasn't in the game that's for sure. And in Days, it was once again about him being symbol (not character) inspiring the good in people. And Coded doesn't count. THAT wasn't Sora. It was a Data Sora! What happens with Data Sora doesn't affect Sora...
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    Did I hear Nomura right?

    It just means that like always Sora is going to receive zero character development and it's going to be how he inspires someone persevere through darkness. Nomura has turned him into a Jesus type figure where it's mainly about his message he sends rather than what he thinks and feels. :rolleyes...
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    Do you believe sora should become a master?

    I think he should become a master at the end of DDD. I feel he first needs to rid himself of some inner negative emotions that he is hiding and then he will be ready. I do believe there is some form of torment inside of him it's just he does a solid job of hiding. Perhaps Riku or Kairi can help...
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    Is it time...for Sora to get a new VA?

    Haley Joel Osment is getting older and voice is sounding more manly by the year. Unfortunately, unlike Harry Potter, his character Sora is not keeping up with his age. In fact, Sora seems to be stuck in this age limbo. Problem is, Sora is staying young but his voice is getting deeper and more...
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    The PS2 Final Fantasy games on the PSN or HD releases?

    Does anyone know if Square is going to release the PS2 Final Fantasy games (Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X2, Final Fantasy XII, Dirge of Cerberus) on PSN or on a special HD disc set?
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    What system Do you want kingdom hearts BBS V.2 on?

    PSP. Honestly this game is overkill imo. We have enough fillers this is just pushing it and I really can't see this being all that great. It will be on the same level as 358 Days and Coded. Which means get ready for something that feels pointless.
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    Special gimmick or power for Sora when he taps into the light

    You know how Riku taps into his darkness and he goes into dark mode which has him gain special armor and dark powers like dark thundage. Let's say Square got rid of drive and in its place they have Sora go into a light mode. My question to you all is, if you were Square and added such a...
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    Sora...more of a plot device than character?

    As a character in the series, Sora is the least developed of everyone. But strangely though, as the plot continues he develops plotwise. Nomura said KH is Sora's story which means he is the heart of the story. Everything in the overall plot seems to revolve around him and yet he receives zero to...
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    Origin of the Pureblood Heartless

    We know they've been around for years and even before ATV's time period. My question to you all is how do you think they came about to existing? Were they created by black magic in the realm of light and later sealed away by Keyblade Masters? Did an evil entity from the dark realm create them...
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    Some KH3D bits in this week's Famitsu.

    Judging from the article, it sounds Sora and Riku merge and become one being. This...is...going...to be...weird.
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    Data Sora's Voice

    Look poor Sora apparently is held hostage by Nomura in terms of growing up and looking older. Let the boy's voice grow at least. Nomura: You will never grow old. You will look a child forever! Sora: Somebody help!
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    Nomura said he wanted a KH game released every year so I'm guessing Birth By Sleep Volume 2 will be out by winter this year and Dream Drop Distance will be released winter of next year. One thing though I'm not exactly how long of a game BBS V.2 will be.
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    BBSFM Secret Ending, pretty much confirms mystery game.

    So that's how the Heartless entered the realm of light. Interesting.