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    Film ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake

    I watched it during the weekend, and I…actually liked it, except for that one song, everybody knows which one. I’m glad I was wrong, after being burned by so many live action remakes. I hope the film at least makes breakeven on their budget.
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    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    In terms of meta, I want Hayden back. In plot, I want...I'm not really sure, but I guess I'd want something a little more adult, if that makes sense. The game's fans are already grown up so maybe a rougher-around-the-edges thing would be good.
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    Kingdom Hearts & acknowledging LGBTQ+ content from Disney source material ReMIX

    Ehh, it looks like Lauriam is way too focused on his sister to even entertain the idea of having anything else with anyone. That said, I could only see Elrena, Brain, and Ephemer in his batting zone, in that order. Brain doesn't because guy got married and had kids and grandkids. Meh...and yes...
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    Kingdom Hearts & acknowledging LGBTQ+ content from Disney source material ReMIX

    Oh, okay…yeah, maybe? I still don’t see it except maybe the “Sound Idea” scene and him being Sora’s protector in 3D, but even then it still feels more like brotherhood, but I’m probably just oblivious. For scenes with him not involving Sora, I definitely haven’t picked up on anything.
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    Kingdom Hearts & acknowledging LGBTQ+ content from Disney source material ReMIX

    30 minutes of sex? Please point where because I am going through the longest dry spell of my life. Jokes aside, the representation is cool, if they ever implement those movies into the game. Not sure about the Disney Channel/Disney+ IP for a whole other reason. Will Nomura and the staff be...
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    Oh, okay, neat. I’m hoping this game turns things around for Final Fantasy. After FNC and XIV 1.0 the series’ reputation took a hit, and I have to admit I’m cautiously skeptical of Yoshi-P in producing a single player RPG, but hopefully my doubts are misplaced.
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    Ideas for the plot of the Verum Rex game

    🤔 Maybe you’re right. Even the Master of Masters said something about humans wanting to believe in the future even if they weren’t around to see it anymore, and what could be more “not around” than being dead?
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    Ideas for the plot of the Verum Rex game

    It's probably going to be a Disney-fied version of the original VXIII. I think one of the major key changes would be death worship in the original. Disney doesn't really allow anyone (except maybe Clayton and moms because Walt's trauma) to stay dead, and even then you'd probably see anyone...
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    I can't believed I caved in and pre-ordered instead of waiting for a sale. Where'd you read that? I heard about swearing, sex, sex work, blood, drug use, but not any homosexuality. Saudi Arabia bans just about everything for the silliest of reasons. I think they even banned Pokemon and its TCG...
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    Yozora’s Role In Kh4

    Maybe? I have this hypothesis that Yozora is another one of the "sortas", except it's a whole Sora from a different world line where the World didn't break apart from the keyblade war. It's a fun thought experiment to play with, but that's all it is, an experiment.
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    Yozora’s Role In Kh4

    I'm guessing character foil levels of different, diametric opposite levels of different. Their names and fighting styles are already a dead giveaway.
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    A choice

    Hmmm... The When They Cry Franchise by Ryukishi07, coincidentally the manga rights are published under Gangan. In exchange, everything Marvel, everything Lucasfilm, and any movie by WDAS post-2020 EXCEPT RatLD can kick it. Maybe Inside Out as a bonus, because I feel that emotions being little...
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    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Fair enough, I should've worded it better. I believe most of the post-2015 films aren't all that appealing, and anything post-2019 is a financial flop.
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    Film ► Unpopular Disney opinions!

    Not sure if unpopular, but I am getting really sick and tired of the Live Action remakes. The Rock even announced a live action remake of Moana, you know, a movie that was released just 6 years ago, isn’t even old enough to drink yet, and while a commercial success, isn’t as popular as Frozen...
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    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    A movie is considered a flop if it doesn't make 3x its production budget, and that's just for breakeven (and if it pans with the critics and normal reviews). To truly be a blockbuster is a lot more nuanced and complicated to explain, but yea, basically non of the Disney movies post-2020 reached...
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    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Since the whole game is basically a Disney-fied Final Fantasy, I wouldn’t be surprised if the light in Kingdom Hearts turns out to be a crystal, if not THE crystal. It’s an overused trope but Final Fantasy did “found” it. I am so tired of Roxas and Xion now. They finally have their happy ending...
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    Happy 21st! This game is old enough to drink!

    I was going to celebrate it at the subreddit, but after finding out they drove a quadriplegic teen to…not being active ever again…yea…no. On a lighter note, I’m raising a glass to this. Hopefully more news to come for this game soon.
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    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    I’m at work so I’ll just rant here out of sheer boredom about my opinions on the KH shippings that come to my head. Don’t hate me. This game has very little textual romance in it whatsoever. It downright sucks at portraying it unless it was the Disney princesses, and even then we had like…two...
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    Sora on that 9 to 5 grind

    We’re talking about a guy (and his Nobody) who did near-physically impossible part-time jobs all over Twilight Town, not to mention can slice buildings, definitely a plus in the construction industry. He can definitely handle being a barista or cashier in a cosplay or cat café in the middle of...
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    What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?

    FFT on my phone, might consider playing BE War of the Visions, maybe, we’ll see, who knows. On my PS5, XV Royal Edition and Episode Ardyn. I never really played the DLCs after I finished the base game, though I watched the cutscenes online before. Short story, my dog enjoyed it more than I did...