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    Would you spend full price for HD remasters of the KH series?

    if its the final mixes then yeah I would since they never went state side but if they are the original versions then no 39.99
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    KH2 FM+ release

    I havent been on in a while, so is there any news on and state side release, please and thanks
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    Boss Battle against the Knight Scan!

    you know if it turns out to be like the sepiroth fight in the original KH2 (not up to par) then I will kill someone
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    I Just Cant

    See sora as the evil guy over riku, it just wouldnt be right because rikus not muh of a Hero guy anyways
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    Kh2fm Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4itvy...6continue%3Don this is insanely cool
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    what happened to the movies section

    Ive been looking for it, but its no where to be found. Any one have any info, I was gone for a long time
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    Small Speculation

    Im wanting to use the Drive form
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    Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Release date

    do we still have a place for the vids from the new game on this website orwas that removed
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    the jump festa trailer

    does any one know where to find it and if so can you give me a link, and whats up with a new form any one have any info
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    Who those Guys in the secret ending are

    Im betting that there the creation of Xemnases evil experiments on hearts and accidentally created Keybladers to release the worlds hearts
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    what do you think the stupidest thing was said in kh2?

    I think that the stupiest line was "they sole are_" Pence
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    challenge for KH2 owners

    Well I thought it would be one, fine beat sepiroth in proud mode mode with the kingdomkey
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    challenge for KH2 owners

    Beat begginer mode with the kingdom key alone but you can switch out dtive keyblades but Sora has to have kingdomkey has his main wepon the entire game
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    Well from the kingdom hearts and ff seris aries or kairi
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    Dodge Roll

    Dodge roll was okay but they replaced with multiple dodging abilities
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    This is for the people who beat kh2 no one else

    Well in the world that never was when you faced the rest of the org it showed that the rest were all dead
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    Fighting sepiroth

    Do you really need to have all skills when fighting him or can you be any level
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    1000 heartless battle and after

    besides the ones youve already visited
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    1000 heartless battle and after

    How do you get the worlds to go back to normal
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    WHAT does sora do after he comes out of hibernation

    I dont know about squre but Id probley use the bathroom