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    Fanfiction ► 'Break Away' a KH fanfiction

    That was a great chapter. My favorite. What happened to latte?
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    Are these real Unknows?

    he's right. I just have to point out that almost everything in DD were just rough drafts. In other words. That may not be Riku. If you'd have seen the newest KH trailer. Ptmoc then you would have seen Riku in DD world about to fight sora.
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    Fanfiction ► 'Break Away' a KH fanfiction

    just shut up and wait. I mean I'm it's #1 fan. Also it's first fan. Atleast have some patience. Time isn't gonna stop and mock you so that it won't be done.
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    Fanfiction ► 'Break Away' a KH fanfiction

    he's done 9 and 1/2 pages right now. Out of 16 I think.
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    game stores showing som htings about kh 2

    but then again alot of places have been saying december. Or Winter in general. Eh*shrugs* doesn't matter to me. I already pre-ordered it.
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    Fanfiction ► Sora's Sacrifice

    wow! I loved it. You left it on a cliffie :(
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    wrong you missed one
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    what are the names of all the extra bosses in the game?
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    it isn't neverland it's ribbon
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    why does riku wear a blindfold?

    you will know what i am talking about when you beat it
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    why does riku wear a blindfold?

    you actually did say it, I KNEW IT you haven't beaten r/r you will know what i am talking about when you beat r/r
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    More than 6 unknowns?

    isn't it funny how in kh ansem is dressed as an unknown at the beginning but really isn't one and now se decided to make unknowns more important
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    Sora's new abilities

    i just wanted to say with the triangle button i have notices sora is always in the air when you can use it maybe something that has to do with air.....sora goes into fusion in air both times in the jf
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    why does riku wear a blindfold?

    Diz is not ansem, where the h*ll did you get that idea, load of crap kh doctor Diz wouldn't make riku choose the road if he was ansem, because when you beat ansem he dies but he darkness still lives but just barely and still resides in riku Diz couldn't be ansem cuz ansem has to regain his...
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    Brave Mode^^

    well brave mode should be a fusion with donald cuz he isn't there when sora goes into it just like goofy sin't there when sora is in red fusion
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    Who do you think it is??? Kari or..??

    one of the first drawings of kairi you can tell cuz her sleeves are rolled up just like in the jumpfesta and she has the same shoes
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    Who do you think it is??? Kari or..??

    RHG is kairi obviously but there is no mystery girl unless you are talking about the girl who is with BHK and his friend
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    Who do you think it is??? Kari or..??

    what mystery girl
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    japan always gets the good games first.......except KH :) HAHAHAHAHA
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    Two theories

    ok first of all BHK is not a shadow of sora. If he was a shadow of sora then why would he weild oath and obliv it wouldn't work that way he would have a different keyblade and would be like riku a dark wielder but still has a good heart. Namine did not create BHK. She wouldn't have the time too...