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    Is the Kingdom Hearts Ultimania only...

    Is the Kingdom Hearts Ultimania only in Japanese?
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    How Much Would You Pay?

    I am thinking it will cost the same as all new games. $60 CND, which is how much I payed for my Kingdom Hearts. But, I did have a pre-order, so that was like -$5. I am willing to pay as much as it takes to have it in my hands. Because it'll be absolutely gorgeous, sitting next to both copies of...
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    KH2 - time for you to complete

    29:43 was my regular mode (with cutscenes) and about 27:something in Proud (no cutscenes). I was unable to stop playing after I picked it up. Got home, and booted up the PS2, and played late into the night. Hells, yes.
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    A Deleted Scene Pic from KH2 (it happened, but this pic in the game wasn't shown)

    I personally would not have minded a two-disk game. There was a lot cut out that would have been awesome to include in the gameplay. True, it may not have been enough to cover a second disk, but there was still a lot of potential for including more things. Such as, Organization XIII. There was...
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    Paradox: Goddess of Fate

    I've been having some trouble even getting to that part. I have been using Peter Pan, but I still have been running out a little short of the mark. Should I be using the special attack, or just have Peter Pan summoned?
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    Paradox: Goddess of Fate

    So, either I am completely useless *a total possibility* or it is very difficult to beat this bloody cup. Any pointers on how to get past the 11-20 rounds? That would be the one with the points... Thanks.
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    Acutally, at the beginning, it's Riku and Ansem the Wise :)
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    How can i have the final form ?

    I have Final Form. You get it randomly on your way up in the Nobody World. It happens randomly when you change into your drive form. There is nothing else specific to that, other than, you need to be fighting Nobodies.
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    Cloud is the most effective, but I adore Mushu ;)
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    Stack the back of your deck with 0 and healing cards. Have a few sleights lined up in the front. When he uses a special attack, jump like crazy!
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    Location of Video Clips?

    No idea if this is in the right place... Anyway, is there anywhere that I can find the English versions of the cut scenes from Kingdom Hearts II? I know that there are Japanese ones on the site under downloads. But, I need the English ones for a video I am creating. Help me out? [~ibbeh~]
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    Tips for Luxord?

    Thank you all very much. I'll try that tonight when I play. :)
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    Tips for Luxord?

    I need help to beat Luxord. Any pointers other than the obvious, use the triangle command? ^_^
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    If I am having a stressful day.. It's a nice, mindless, virtual blood fest.
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    Help on getting last enemy card...

    I actually have trouble finding the White and Black cards -__-. Yes though. You simply need a black card, and to defeat one of them.
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    stop+gravity cards? pleeease help

    Just keep buying magic and mixed card packs. Re-sell the cards you do not need, and continue to buy more. Don't forget that you can re-make rooms.
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    what happened in hallow bastion n such..

    Evidence that Kairi was from Hallow Bastion lies in the library where that table is. That's the same table from her memory. DO NOT ARGUE THIS. Okay, Sora unlocked his heart, thus freeing Kairi's. and the other princesses. He then was taken into darkness, and actually was it himself. Saved by...
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    stuff that sucks in kh : chain of memories

    The cards weren't that bad. No, what I hated was how each room in the actual castle looked the same. I would have preferred they took some characteristic on from the world before it, to reflect which world was on that floor. Gah >_< I hate how you can't repete or skip cutscenes..
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    Namine request

    There is a connection between them, that much is obvious. They do look alike as well. So.. could they be related? ;)
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    Namine request

    She is no one's shell. She is Kairi's shadow because she is her opposite. She's the dark in Kairi's light. Or so I believe.