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    Keira Knightley

    Is a babe. @_@ She's definitely not the hottest lady i've seen, but I still think she's hot. My favorite movie i've seen her in, though, is King Arthur.
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    Next-Gen game you hope for

    What game(s) are you hoping will be made for the next-gen consoles? For me (on the Xbox 360): Thief 4 (sequel/next game after Thief: Deadly Shadows) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III XIII 2 (this is VERY unlikely, sadly) Jade Empire 2 Ninja Gaiden 2 Star Wars: Jedi Knight IV...
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    Nintendo DS

    Post everything of the DS here, like what games you have/want for it and what you think of the hardware. ~_~ Don't compare it to the PSP please; we all can tell just by looking at screenshots that the PSP has better graphics. I don't have one yet, but i'm getting one for Christmas since im...
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    Name change

    Have any of you ever thought of changing your name? (No, not your username here, your actual name) I have, and I plan to. Post here, if you have or if you plan to. Also your thoughts, whatever they may be. As for me, I plan on changing my last name, Minnich, to Rains. Why (change my name)? 1...
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    Little Britain

    I was wondering if anyone's seen this comedy on BBC America. It's really funny sometimes, but other times just odd. =/
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    I looked through three pages and didn't see a topic about this, so here we go. Do you have any nicknames? Post all of them here if so, and how you got them. For me, I have two at my job, and one with a few girls at school. At work: Sexy Eyes: Given to me by a couple girls London: They say I...
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    What does it mean when two or three girls are together, smiling at you, giggling? =/
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    How tall are you?

    How tall are you? Do you like being how tall you are, or do you even care? =P I'm 6'0 flat- Used to I wanted to be around 6'5 like my grandpa, but now I like where i'm at. Not tall, not short. =/ Though my doctor says he expects me to be around 6'3..
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    Have you ever thought about..

    Have you ever thought about moving to another country? =/ If you have, to where would you move? For me, if I did move to another country, it would be the U.K. More specifically, England.
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    Your favorite handheld game.

    What's your favorite game for a handheld system (whether it be GBA, DS, or PSP- Please no "<system> is the best" or any of that -.-)? Right now, aside from the MegaMan Battle Network games, I really like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
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    My first job ~_~

    I think it's going to suck. I'll be the first person in my class (who hasn't got kicked out) to get a job. Anyone remember when they got their first job? Any stories? Or anyone else at the stage i'm at?
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    favorite genre

    What is your favorite genre? I can't really decide between action/adventure, shooter, RPG, or stealth. =/ Edit: ~_~; I just now noticed the two Stealth choices.
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    Thief: Deadly Shadows

    I strongly urge everyone who is even slightly interested in stealth games to buy this game if you can find it. It has an awesome plot, great setting, and fun to play as well. Some- actually most people will say the Splinter Cell series is better, at least Chaos Theory. Either way, (I disagree...
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    Favorite game for each genre

    Post your favorite game(s) for each genre here (please no more than two or three for each genre) You can leave some blank, if you wish. Action/Adventure: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Shooter: Halo series RPG: Tales of Symphonia, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Star Wars: Knights of the...
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    Drunken Master

    This movie isn't really that famous, but it's one of Jackie Chan's older kung-fu movies. =P If you like kung fu movies, you should try to find this somehow.
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    KH2 on Nintendo Revolutions

    Woop. Dee. Doo.
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    Your nationality

    What is your nationality? (Please no racism) I'm German, English, Irish, and Scottish, and very, very slightly Cherokee as well (Native American). Though my last name is German, I think i'm mostly English since my mom's side of the family is vastly English, while my "father's" side was English...
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    System of a Down

    SoaD kicks ass! My favorite songs by them are Toxicity, B.Y.O.B, and Prison Song, though I only have their Toxicity CD. Though they are completely "random" in their music, it's still pretty sweet imo.
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    After hearing Speed of Sound from their X & Y album I thought they would be a pretty awesome band =/. Unfortunately the only songs i've got right now that I like by them are Speed of Sound and Yellow. Anyone like this band?
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    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Three words: Oh my god. This game looks incredible. Absolutely incredible. I'm almost counting the days to how long it will be till this comes out @_@. Also, does anyone know what the story/plot is in Oblivion? I swear- this is going to be the greatest RPG ever, if what they are saying is...