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    where do you find twighlight gems and stones?

    well thanks, but i still really need to know where the gems are
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    where do you find twighlight gems and stones?

    some one help. i really need it. where do you get twighlight gems and stones?
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    Can sum1 help me beat sephiroth

    you need to be around level 80, right when the battle starts hit triangle to block away and then immediatly attack, then use trinity limit over and over and then fly around to wait for the mp bar to go back up, and if he attacks you in a combo while flying, then hit square to counterattack, if...
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    can can anyone tell me where to get frost stone?

    i need a frost stone and i will have the synthesis item list complete getting the last orichalcum+ and getting the ultimate weapon. someone please help.
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    hey i'm new i just have 1 question about da game

    [edit] actually on that last part, if your final is at level six, you should have enough time to beat ever nobody in the upper mansion and still get back to your ship, just use thundaga over and over to kill the forms for speed, and you get 29 nobodies killed each time, that takes a huge chunk...
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    oh my bad, that was me, i didnt mean to comment on your quote a while back, i was talking about axel gal, but no big deal. its cool.
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    thank you, thank you. exactly what needed to be said. just let people think what they may unless it is totally and obviously retarded.
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    hey i'm new i just have 1 question about da game

    for valor and wisdom, go to the first part of the town that never was. and fight the heartless that continuously appear. then the second time you do a drive, right before it runs out, go back to your ship, then go back to the same spot and you will have a full drive gauge again. for master, i...
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    completed the game the first time through two nights ago. with 90% of the game done, now all i have to do is complete all the missions. which i only have about 10 left. so i have completed about 98% of the journal and raised all forms, valor, wisdom, master, final, and my summons to the highest...
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    ok, why do kids like you have to come in and be a douche for no reason, its like you are trying to find something to talk about. leave the kid alone he made a well educated guess just probably like every other person has, there was no reason to jump on him about it.
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    Dislikes About KH2 (Not A Hater Thread)

    i just beat the game last night. and the story really unfolds and kinda completes all of the odd wonderings. i only completed 90% of the journal so i dont have the secret ending yet.
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    Official Site

    I was just making a complex translation for those who dont want to bother going to the site. but it doenst really matter.
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    Official Site

    as you can see in my information above, i have already included that. its on number 7.
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    Official Site

    well, honestly i think it was a good idea he put that up. though it may have threw a lot of people off and possibly pissed a good bit of them off, he got a lot of peoples attention. which means he might be able to get a lot of answers. he made me look at it which gave him an answer. so just lay...
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    Official Site

    Ok, this is what I know so far. But most of it you can probably figure out for yourself. 1. The first button on the main page takes you to the storyline section. Which shows a small clip and gives a summary of the first Kingdom Hearts and Kindom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Then it gives...
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    Preorder kh2

    actually both walmart and gamestop possibly have incorrect dates. the game is susposed to come out sooner. about december 1st, target and toys r us have dates closer to this one. and you can still pre order it. but either way. you will get the game. no matter where you get it from.
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    6 New Worlds?!?!?!?

    they should do midgar, or luca from ffX so we could play blitzball with sora and donald and goofy..
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    glad i could help, but someone really needs to answer this question.
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    yep it sure did, it says its name when you fight it in the coliseum when it is in its full form.
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    i dont know, i dont think he will come back either, and i dont think they would let him do his voice again, he is such a fairy.(gay)