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    Riku's Kairi

    Riku's Kairi is Sora. I'm not saying that Riku is gay...I'm saying that BOTH sora and Riku are gay. I don't care! They're meant to be together. Sora just doesn't realize yet. They're so cute together. Kairi's got to back off eventually. :-D
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    world terminus

    There's nothing else I can say but yep, I agree with everybody who said it was Ansem's laboratory and was later taken over by "Ansem."
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    Does KH2 look fun after you spoiled yourself? (NO SPOILERS PLZ)

    I haven't spoiled myself yet. I looked at one spoiler and I found out something that would have probably ruined the game for me. I can't ruin the game for myself before I even play it. I know it'll be fun though.
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    Kh2 realsed on 30th not 28th.....

    It's okay. It's only two days. We can wait two days if we can wait for four years! I'm just happy it's coming out next month!!
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    For all you KH2 nerds ;)

    It's really that bad? Thank God I didn't listen to it. Just a few more weeks until we get the game guys. We can make it!
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    Should i bother?

    Don't do it! I know that everybody else is saying the same thing but I know that you will enjoy the game so much more if you don't watch spoilers and just wait. Imagine what it'd be like to finally play it after so long! It's your choice whether or not you want to see the secret ending. I didn't...
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    Sanctuary official release

    I'm so happy! The game's coming out so soon!! Finally no more waiting.
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    Will you or will you not use the Strategy Guide?

    I beat Kingdome Hearts without a strategy guide and I'm going to defeat Kingdom Hearts without one as well!
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    KH2 Song

    It's a nice song! It would be a cute idea to use it in like Sora's perspective, even if it is old. Passion is really cool too.
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: Pa-Pa-Pa PASSION!!!! I agree with Whispered Hope. The english translation of Passions can't be the exact lyrics in English. They have to change it a bit so it makes a litle more sense in Enlgish. The lyrics are beautiful as they are but they'lll sound weird if she sings them the way they...
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    Passion craze

    I totally know what you're talking about. I know I sound like a preppy loser right now but dude...the song has totally grown onto me! The first time I heard it I was like: WTH? I like Simple and Clean better. However, I started listening to it more because I was curious. And now surprisingly I...
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: Pa-Pa-Pa PASSION!!!! Dude, the part where its reversed and you hear her say I need more passion than you know is so freaky! I wonder if that was deliberate. Cool. I keep listening to the song now. I don't want to get tired of it though. Watch the song slap every KH fan across the face. It...
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    Where's Sephiroth in KH2 ?

    He was in KH because he's really cool and it would be awesome to have him as a boss. However, since he's not like Squall or Cloud he doesn't really have a huge role. I guess Nomura just didn't want people to get tired of Sehpiroth.
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    Isn't Axel a boy? Are you talking about Larxene?
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    What about Paine???

    I don't think Paine will be in it. The game is basically going to be about Sora and his party. If YRP is in it too it'll be too FFX-2 for me. Meh, I'm happy I defeated that game. They'll stick to the characters that FF is renowned for. Auron rocks, he makes up for Paine! Then again, she might...
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    Am I the only one that felt that...*SPOILERS*

    Yeah I felt sorry for Riku too. He thought his best friend was replacing him with new friends. Riku wasn't a bad character, he sort of bugged me in Neverland but as he sunk deeper into the darkness it began to take advantage of his heart. After Ansem left his body he was normal, cool Riku again...
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    Kairis KH2 part....

    Yeah good point. Kairi's pretty weak. Actually...she's really weak. Her heart died immediately in KH. Sometimes I felt like Kairi was just the damsel in distress that Riku and Sora had feelings for. But it'll put a twist in things if Sora found Kairi in a state of anguish and with a frail body...
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    In my opinon, I think the Lion King world is going to be lame.

    Are you kidding? I think the Lion King world will be awesome. In the original movie itself there was so much symbolism and emotion so the world in KH2 will be breath-taking! Or so I think....Nobody can really know until the game actually COMES OUT! Sora looks really good as a lion and they can...
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    Kairis KH2 part....

    From Kingdom Hearts one can assume that Kairi's the more stay-at-home type. I don't know, I think she'll go out and start looking for Sora. Maybe she found her own party and decided to go on a quest for him after waiting for so long! You never know.
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    only 16 worlds???

    Something has to remain secret. Nomura probably has all these cool new worlds to surprise KH fans. Wouldn't it be cool if there were Final Fantasy worlds like Zanarkand? I think that'd be awesome! The Disney worlds are really cool too.