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    Ds wont turn on.....

    Hey guys im having trouble with my ds. Not to long ago i decided to change the housing, that is the plastic exterior, of my ds because the it was all banged up. So I bought this new awesome housing for it, opened it up and changed the plastic. To my dismay however it never turned on after I had...
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    OMG DILAN DOESN'T HAVE ANY BANGS HES RADICALLY DIFFERENT DUR HUR HUR. Dude, stop being stupid. Like grace assassin said, while the hair style may be different, facially they are exactly the same. I mean seriously, if Dilan where to randomly grow a few bangs does he automatically become xaldin...
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    This is the thread where all of us criminal scum who got the Days ROM come to discuss

    Re: This is the thread where all of us criminal scum who got the Days ROM come to dis God damn it's been awhile since I been on this site. Well anyways I just patched up the game awhile ago and got a chance to start playing the game. I must say it's fucking beautiful. Works perfectly and the...
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    Need help getting a new ds screen

    My top lcd screen for my ds is broken, and I'm short on money so I can't go out and buy a new ds at the moment. Basically what I want to know is if you guys know a trustworthy site that is also inexpensive. I found what I needed at amazon.com but not to sure if I should get it from there. So...
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Heh, I got this game today(although technically for free, helped a friend to get it and I get to play it WOOT) Haven't had a chance to really play it that much but so far it looks good although my old ass ds and its tiny screen makes it feel cramped
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    Help/Support ► dot dot dot

    Hm, well there's not much else I can say that's different from what keybladelegacy said, so go ahead and do what you feel is right to try and preserve the relationship, good luck in doing so. Well seeing as how you've gotten this far is there any point to this thread anymore?
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    Help/Support ► dot dot dot

    Yeah, it's gotten me in trouble a couple of times in the past. Oh I see. Got lucky and found a nice girl I see. No wonder you're uppity about this. Well I don't know shit about girls either so I can't help you in that department. You'd think, but some kids actually talk almost 24/7 on the...
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    Help/Support ► dot dot dot

    Hm, well the way you said it, it sounded like you where serious. Hm. Well honestly I don't see how she can hate you when she can see that you have certain problems to overcome(or maybe she can't see it, I don't know). Talk to her about, if she does love you she'll understand. Well if that's...
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    Help/Support ► dot dot dot

    Yeah but the first post was made on the 25th, which was...Oh, about a week. Eh I dunno be the point is that he made some progress, which is good.
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    Help/Support ► dot dot dot

    No dude It's NOT a good idea. If you do then how do you plan to support her? In the kind of economy where in right now college is almost the only way anyones going to get by. Get schooling first, you won't regret it. Question: Why would she hate you? I mean it's not your fault that she can't...
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    Inmate escapes german jail in a box

    This happened about a month ago so if it has already been brought up just ignore the thread. BBC NEWS | Europe | Inmate escapes German jail in box Way to put snake to shame eh?
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    Help/Support ► dot dot dot

    Hm.... Well seeing as how her parents are traditionalists, I doubt that her parents would bend the rules just because your smart. At this point, theres really only two options: 1. Elope(which i don't really recommend) 2. Date once your both 18. Yes I know it's a long time from now but in my...
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    Why Kairi -can- have two Nobodies

    Although I stated in my thread I wasn't going to theorize anymore, I want to ask one question SA...... Whats your definition of a nobody?
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    How far are you in the game?

    Lv I forgot At the last boss. LOL I have the original japanese version so I'm way ahead of you guys =P
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    Another not a theory but idea thread

    Hey wassup khi. For those of you who who where here about a month ago you might remember me from the thread titled "not a theory but an idea". Well I've come back with two more ideas which could not only give us another way to look at things but also a new place to look out for clues as well. By...
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    How Magic should be structured in Days

    LOL einsteins marluxias element would be death(or attribute for those who are anal about word choice). The flower element in question is the sakura flower, which represents transience of life, or death for those who don't know what that means. Even though it's a japanese cultural thing, the fact...
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    Not a theory but an idea about the unbirths

    Well as the title reads, this isn't a theory but an idea. Theres something that I noticed that although other people have noticed, they fail to see the connection of this particular idea to another idea. Basically, this thread is more or less of a mental red bull to that could possibly change...
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    Help/Support ► PSPs on Ebay

    Check the sellers feedback, if its generally positive (atleast more than 90%) then go ahead and buy it.
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ FAQ

    Actually I figured out what it was. Dirty lens, happens progressively 'til it stops working at all. Second time this had happened to. So yeah I opened up the ps2, cleaned the lens with a q tip and some alcohol and it worked perfectly.
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    hardest boss

    Hm, well to the person who said marluxia was hard, I pity you =/ In recom, he was SO friggin easy, even in proud mode. I swear I was expecting him to be hard but all he was was a disappointment. The other three members along with repliku however, are hard, it took me many tries to beat them...