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    KH2 Glitches!

    Well, I've never encountered a glitch before in KH 1, COM, or 2. Although, there is someone on Youtube that posted a glitch that may happen when you fight Sephiroth in KH2. What happens is you're fighting him and suddenly he runs into a wall and stops in mid-air. You can run around him and...
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    Special song downloadable~

    Thank you, Xaldin! Hah! Take that, whoever it was that quoted me and said "do you people not read?"! *sticks tongue out*
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    a pic of Zexions Weapon!

    Sorry to say this, but I've seen this picture before, and the artist that posted it up said that she/he only designed the weapon. He/she was not related to Square in anyway except for being a fan and only designed the weapon for fun.
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    Who is girlier???? spoiller lol

    Re: Who is girlier???? Heh, from tons of fanart I've seen on the net, one picture actually said this about Marluxia and Vexen: Marluxia=gay Vexen=gender confused I actually think Vexen is more girlier. That's what 60% of the Kingdom Hearts Fan Population though of when we first saw screen...