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    What Pairing of Keyblades do you want Sora to have?

    I'll go for the Oathkeeper + Oblivion, too. Technically, it means a lot. It gives Sora a definition that he's neither light nor darkness, but an in-between.
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    vBChat messes up on my computer...

    I tried entering vBChat just recently, but everytime I enter it, my computer suddenly crashes. I kept on attempting to enter it, but it still crashes my computer. Anybody help!
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    BHK vs Sora

    I for one also would think it's a tie. In my honest opinion, both Sora and BHK (Dang, when the heck will I stop calling him BHK!) have equal abilities in terms of fighting skills, and BHK might have his two keyblade advantage, but Sora has his own fighting experience to compensate.
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    If Sephiroth comes back in KHII, I believe he won't be just a bonus in the Coliseum area. He could play a role now in the story of Kingdom Hearts, being Cloud's rival and all...
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    Something interesting about Hollow Bastion's name

    Re: Something interesting about Hollow Bastion Square sure is very creative, even with names. The name itself perfectly describes the place, an empty refuge. Nice work!
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    Too Much Curiosity?

    Whoa! You sure seemed to hit many people in this process, eh? Well, you DO have a point, actually. I heavily agree with you. That's why I really don't take these theories seriously. All I care about is some leser things that are REALLY IMPORTANT (like BHK's name).
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    Glitch (versing Sephrioth)

    First, there's the Ice Titan glitch, and now this. I'm now beginning to suspect that Kingdom Hearts is full of hidden glitches...
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    Gundam Series Discussion

    Well, I saw the original topic posted here, but it seems to be messed up. So, I've decided to revive that old topic, since I'm a HUGE Gundam fan. Discuss anything and everything about Gundam here, from the Universal Century (the original Mobile Suit Gundam), all the way up to the Cosmic Era...
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    What would you do if KH2 dosen't release

    Very simple, actually. Grab lots of guns, bombs, etc, fly to the head office of Square, and threaten to blow up the office until they decided to release Kingdom Hearts II. THEY SHOULD RELEASE KHII, NO MATTER WHAT!!!
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    I Beat Leon In Traverse Town

    C'mon, people! Let's not pick on a wittle newbie, shall we? :) Yeah, beating Traverse Town Leon wasn't so hard, to tell you the truth. But yeah, he/she's a newbie here, so let's just forgive him ,ok? :)
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    Yeah. It IS possible to beat Sephiroth at Level 40, if you have some good equipment (mostly something that boosts Defense a lot), and you are familiar with Sephiroth's moves. I myself beat him at Level 40. I'll post my strategies later.
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    Ice Titan Glitch

    Re: Glitch (Ice Titan) I don't really know. Maybe I used Graviga too much? LOL Really, I don't have the slightest idea on why it happened. It could probably be a widespread glitch.
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    Ice Titan Glitch

    Re: Glitch (Ice Titan) In my case, no. It only happened during my battle with the Ice Titan. Oh, and one more thing. I think it happened to me TWICE.
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    Ice Titan Glitch

    Re: Glitch (Ice Titan) Yeah. It also happened to me. The Ice Titan suddenly froze after I inflicted the final blow on it (Graviga) and it stayed that way. I tried hitting him with some spells, but his health bar still doesn't move. It just stands there, no health but still the battle's not over.
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    The Coolest Heartless Ever Is...

    The coolest Heartless for me are the Invisibles, the Defenders, and especially, the NEO Shadows. All because they are designed much more mature...
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    The Jump Festa

    What? A trailer for Advent Children at Jump Fiest? Released? Where? I really hope a Kingdom Hearts 2 trailer is next...
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    The Diviner Class Evolution Chain

    The Diviner-Enchanter-Invoker-Necromancer Class Evolution Chain Anyone here other than myself will try to attempt the Diviner class? I believe this would be a tough road ahead.