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    If Sora had gone against MX

    O. I thought everyone was ranking people based on their strength. And so I was introducign KH2 Mickey into the debate. idk. Sora didn't fight alone against LS?
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    KH2 Mickey anyone? 25 characters
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    The Destati Voice

    For Ven it is Sora, because the Destati says it will merge his heart with its own. And that heatr that he merges with was Sora's. For Sora it is Mickey, or it could be Ven since he is inside Sora. Or all of the Destati voices are Kingdom Hearts, their own heart, the narrator. One of those.
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    The Connection Between Riku and Master Xehanort (Spoilers)

    Yes. I agree. I am almost pretty certain that the silver haired guy is Master Xehanort. And the fact that it is the first scene shown in the game pretty much proves that it is not a future Riku. And if there really was a boy who got strong and left the islands, it can only be so many people...
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    Theory: LS is... *Spoilers*

    LS could be anything. Kingdom Hearts doesn't follow it's own rules. It invents new rules to bypass old ones. But I like your theory. Especially considerig that the secret boss Vanitas indicates that Vanitas may be coming back.
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    Two Mysteries Solved

    1. I'm sure your theory is well thought out, but something I have come to realize about KH, is that it never makes that much sense, nor is it ever that specific. So I am fairly sure that your theory is wrong. No offense. 2. Don't place too much significance on wording. You are dealing with...
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    A question about hearts and body.

    Don't worry about it. The rules change and exceptions are added depending on what fits Nomura's purposes at the time. In all seriouseness.
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    Yeah, I have recently come to the discovering that Yen Sid is freakin' awesome. I mean, Mickey's Keyblade(in KH) is straight from the realm of darkness. Infact Mickey spends all his time during and before KH hanging ut in Darkness. And he still has less darkness then even Sora. Meanwhile you got...
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    -------------AtW's nobody?/Ven's memories are NOT in Sora

    Don't analyze Kingdom Hearst like this. I know from experience, it doesn't operate under specific rules, and it doesn't always make sense. There are plot wholes, conditions, and exceptions, that are thrown around everywhere.
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    At first, we gave Xehanort the title of KH's main villian

    I think everyone is too quick to crown Braig as mastermind. Braig was working for MX before he took Terra's body. In all likelihood Braig is just carying out Master Xehanorts plan. Because clearly as you see in the discussion between him and Terra in the secret ending, Master Xehanort's plan is...
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    The Secret Reports [Number One Posted]

    So this is the first one chronologically? hmmm, I expected them to elaborate on the past.
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    Ven's Scenario

    Both streams are approaching the completion of their third scenario.
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    Favorite World so Far (Spoilers)

    In BBS or the whole series?
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    Ven's Scenario

    Hmmm, I wonder when the first stream will get back on... He isgetting close to beating all three scenarios.
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    Master Xehanort's reports?

    Isee. I am honestly wonderign why getting info takes this long, othr games I have followed the releases of have had info spilled much faster. Xehanorts reports are sure to be a big clue, and dare i say more important then the secret boss.. or maybe not idk.
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    Master Xehanort's reports?

    Any idea when we wil be getting these translated?
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    (Spoilers) Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions

    Re: Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions Can anyone point me to where Nomura said that the next KH would be a side story?
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    Regarding Master Xehanort...[SPOILERS AGAIN]

    Why are there no nobodies? there are heartless. There probably aren't though lol.
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    Prince of heart?

    Also, I think Sora is simply the "chosen one" of the KH universe. MX said that the world has been almost swallowed up by many times, but each time it is saved by a boy weilding the keyblade etc. etc. Sorais probably the boy who can connect his hearts with others. That is his power. Ven says...
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    Prince of heart?

    Do we know for a fact that you need light and dark? Even so it is possible he is not getting darkness specifically, but that he is connected with Sora in order to mend his own heart. Frankly light and dark are not clearly defined in KH anyways. I am curious about Vanitas resemblance to Sora, but...