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    Trailers and Actual Game Differences

    I wish COM didn't happen then, I would have loved more OrgXIII members to kill in KH2 they were the best part. and was I the only one that felt kinda bad everytime I killed one, orgXIII members were really dpressing for me.
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    keyblade question

    has anybody ever wondered how all these people who are unable to weild keyblades can just hand them over to sora? like how do tifa or the FFX-2 girls have keyblades and if they did, wouldn't they use them?
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    KH2 European/KH2:FM Wishlist

    more secret bosses
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    Bulky Vendor

    when the info bar shows up and he disapears he wasn't killed, it is hiding inside something. in beast castle it is those armor suits by the one exit, in halloween town it is the carasel, in agrabah it is one of the booths, land of dragons is in the thingies with drive orbs, olympus colliseum in...
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    Did anyone max out all of they're drive forms?

    I'm pretty sure that you do need to max them all out on normal for the secret ending, because you need them to unlock certain colliseum paradox cups, and the leveled up glide and double jump are pretty mandatory for poster duty.
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    the synthesis part of jiminy's journal took me forever... jeebus
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    Beat the game

    1. do it over and over and charge is your friend (go left) 2. need fenrir and negative combo 3. ditto 4. lvl up your drives 5. I'm still working on it
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    I use cure all the time... to get the drive filling bonus, the fact that it heals me is a bonus.
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    Kh2 was easy because....

    I'm not that old, I'm 24 and my wife is in grad school getting her CPA. I'm working for a programming company so I don't have much time to play each day, which is why i haven't beaten it yet. also the first "rpg" that my wife ever played was KH1 so it was a bonding experience for us, and what...
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    I LOVE KH2, and I agree with TSK entirely.
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    About Demyx

    KH1 wasn't too hard... it was awesome! I think every game should be hard, so as to get a REAL sense of accomplishment from it. like chrono trigger that game was tough as hell when I was a kid, and only slightly easier now that I know the tricks to each boss.
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    Cid's Voice?

    i think people who vote that his voice is ok, have not played the game. it is worse than aeriths and I didn't think that was possible till cid opened his mouth.
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    Kh2 Is Officially a Good Game!

    Re: Kh2 Is Officially A Bad Game Or Good Game I should finish everything for my secret ending tonight or tomorrow night.
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    Was anyone else as disappointed with the 1K heartless battle as I was?

    yeah, its fun, but It has zero replayability
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    Kingdom Hearts II Good or bad?

    I liked atlantica, I guess I'm the only one
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    game of the year?

    FFXII is starting to build its hype train and once an FF starts it just starts to get crazy.
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    Beat the game

    one quick question to those who beat the game on standard and got the secret ending / finished jiminy's journal. do I need to gather 30 of all the shards, gems, and stones (aka, able to buy them at the moogle shop)?
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    I love the graphics of this game, i think it may have the best ps2 (in-game) graphics of any game on the system
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    Kh2 was easy because....

    I buy strategy guides because it is a way for me to play video games with my wife and have her feel like she is doing something.
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    Cid's Voice?

    Worst. Thing. Ever!