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    Marluxias Eyes

    Yea no cant zoom look black as night.... i would have never know and still wanna see for myself
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    Whos story do you like more in CoM, Sora's or Riku's?

    i agree iliked riku more but sora was more fun
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    Anyone else buy a GBA just for CoM?

    i did sorta i got the gameboy and the game the same day im still waiting to get more games though. how disappointing. i know...
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    where are these people?

    i read somewhere that in wonderland(kh1) there is a green/blue 6/7 of hearts (i think it is) can someone tell my how to find them should this have been stickied???
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    sora or riku?

    i like rikus better b/c its easier and i get through it faster even if im doing everythng(finishing it completely)