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    Who do you think should be the true Keyblade master?

    still, use some common sense people!!.
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    Who do you think should be the true Keyblade master?

    Let me ask you this. In KH he was given the keyblade and if you think about it they say it was rikus to start. SORA has it now. Get use to it. Stop making these polls. Who do you think. BHK is just a side kick!. Non more. Sora will always be the main person. Just saying. These polls are dumb!.
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    same, saw it good info for the people who havent!
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    yeah same....i hated that to :)
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    The Heartless and The Dusk

    Yeah thats true!.... Nobodies are more evolved and stronger then the ordinary heartless but the ordinary must be the thoughest cause they came back AGAIN in Kh2!!
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    is sora cool or what?

    Yeha just probably is and i perfer Riku more then sora cause sora`s a show off!
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    DBZ is a great show now only on like 10:30 at night...well i still watch it but its ok..i liked it more when i was a kid more little then i was now!! :D OH well its still a world fav WHO ELSE THINKS SOO!!????
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    Riku the Pwn3r!! Sora`s a n00b riku PwnS ALLLLL!!!!!!
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    how do u beat riku the 4th time

    get more 0 cards they help and more people cards like cloud and hades!!
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    Ansem II <----- (sucks)

    yes try that it would be help and 0 lvl cards help to!!
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    Is Bhks Hair Even Blonde

    its blonde and so what if its not the whole internet knows the name BHk your not going to change it!!
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    KH2 already finished....

    everythng is done but maybe there adding some more and doing the languge translation....
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    If you Could Chooe a Path

    Darkness the only path for me!
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    BHK and Sora do look alike.

    If you just noticed this you got to be slow OF COURSE he does.....!!!
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    Unanswerable Questions ???

    Riku was the first but he choose the dark soooo hes not one anymore but in KH2 you see BHK in DD throwing him Oblivion witch means hes strongest of all hes got one of the strongest key blades and now he can control his dark and his light so thats why he can weild it. :)
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    BHK cosplay costume

    DONT DOUBLE post and dont even think of triple posting its considered spam and we dont like spam any way carry on!
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    New keybkades.............?

    Dude hasent this been comfired already? i think so!! this is point less! oh well cary on!
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    BHK cosplay costume

    << its pretty kool.....i didnt know there was something like that!
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    BHK party

    there is another theared about this. In matter a fact theres like 20 threads about this!! Take a look at another! Everyone dont back seat moderate if a mod wants to close it then he/she will.
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    BHK's Party

    i wouldnt think of him having one i thought hes with sora some of the time and alone the other part of the time....maybe im wrong!