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  1. K

    theory on MX

    then why are they in wonder land in bbs? >~< oh snaps!
  2. K

    i know who are the bad ones in bbs

    *twitches* May I do the honors and euthenize you?
  3. K

    BbS release date revealed!?

    lol please stop telling me i'm late >~>; it's embarrasing...TWEWY stands for the world ends with you (subarashiki kono sekai is better) and i'm sorry for wasting other's time, and if you read the beginning i said that i wasn't sure if i was late or not. Also a sequel if not just the same...
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    BbS release date revealed!?

    Yeah yeah I know it hasn't been revealed yet, well either that or I've been away too long. Basically I just watched the newest update on the khinsider home page about DKL3713 and the overview by Playstation TV but in the small portion of already seen footage it shows the title and at the bottom...
  5. K


    this is kind of to AsYrsGoBy but basically duh!? marluxia's element is nature, xemnas is nothingness(for example: when he shoots that giant nothingness lazer at u) i kindof have to admit that zexions element sucks and xigbars element is gravity which as u can see in the first KH is an element...
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    dude its so obvious...just use blue rhapsody and about 3 blizard raids(use treasure chest in olympus coliseum to find) he should be about half way if not more then use cloud and good attack cards...COM really shouldnt be that hard for u...my theory (when i first got it) was to stop playing then...
  7. K

    Ryuusei no Rockman!!! aka Megaman Starforce

    ive been watchin the show recently and all of a sudden DATS.us stopped subbing...i watched 10 raw episodes and it made me sick...but ne ways while DATS.us is on vacation i looked on google for the manga. i know there is one but i cant find it ne where!!!! >.<' i heard theres supposed to be a...
  8. K

    two questions

    um.. the first is obvious kind of. should i play com first or kh2fm i dont know... the other question is in the trailer at the end i know alot about the knight guys and xehanorts past well its actually just a theory but one thing i dont get is...everyone knows xehanort is older then he looks and...
  9. K

    KH3 theme?

    well weve thought of all the things we want for kh3 except one important thing and that is the theme song. well i know its up to nomura but that hasnt stoped us before. so what do u think the theme song will be for the next kh game it doesnt have to be utada pick anyone u want except MCR! j/k...
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    has anyone?

    has anyone found the new trailer yet? they said it would be out anyday now all the rest are but anyways plz give me a link to it if u do. thnx.
  11. K

    Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Release date

    i thot it was the 28th!?! oh well im not gettin that version anyway. thanx 4 the info tho.
  12. K

    For The Last Time!!!!!!!!

    I Dont Wanna Swear But Im About Good And Ready To. For The Last Time People Can U Not Read People Are Constantly Posting That Kh2:fm+ Is Comin To The Us For The Freakin Last Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There Was Something...
  13. K

    i found out one of zexion's weapons spoilers! (if u want it to be)

    i was tired of looking at threads about what do u think it is so i did the simplest thing possible i googled jump festa 2007 it was right there it talked about the trailer then said one of his weapons is... drum roll please... soul eater!?! yes uv heard it folks thats right i myself am not...
  14. K

    Royal Form! (its never gonna happen but isnt it beuatiful?)

    behold the beautiful Royal Form brought to u by Zorah i dont really know who he is but he sure can draw! any way i just wanted u guys to see it. its one of the best pictures of sora ive ever seen and if they put it in kh3 i would die a happy man...
  15. K

    Tgs 2006 Where Is The Trailer!

    i dont know if it was really true but i heard a while ago in about the beggining of september that there was a trailer for KH2:FM+ or KH Re: CoM but ive yet to find it anywhere and i know it was supposed to be top secret or something but i saw a trailer of another game from TGS 2006 so why cant...
  16. K

    hmm... unfinished buisness...

    behold the secret form of KH2:FM+ http://kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/artwork/kh2uc13.jpg http://kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/artwork/kh2uc14.jpg http://kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/artwork/kh2uc12.jpg i brought the idea up before kh2 came out and even some of u guys said and i quote "nah its...
  17. K

    Roxas and Sora

    Re: Roxas and Sra merging yeah it was when they get to the top of that tower like place and kairi meets namine. right before the boss fights with only riku.
  18. K

    my kh3 theory

    first of all there will be at least three playable characters the chaser, sora. riku possibly. second xehanort will be the last boss and there will be a giant monster as usual for the tuturial boss. in the secret ending it says and looks like a giant nobody(watch it closely its killed in the...
  19. K

    nobodyform? (only if u beat the game!)

    u never know there might be a nobody form but the thought is will the nobody form be ROXAS! think about it anti form was antisora so nobody form should be sora x aka roxas
  20. K

    DMC in KH3

    what if riku had moves like dante in DMC3 would it make you want it more and i know most of u are saying "NO THATS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN ITS TO MUCH ACTION" what if he had just a little bit of dante's fighting style.