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    Time for me to leave

    I joined this forum last november to learn more about kh2. Most of the time at the forum i have spent in the chat and i have met many people some i liked and some i didnt. However i have become tired of comming hear and think it is time to focus on other things like school so im leaving the...
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    am I a failure if I can't beat COM?

    I don't think ur that bad it took me a while to beat riku too. Maybe not at that level though. Yeah u should try and collect many zero cards to break his combos. And i dont think u need to beat larxene right after i believe u can go back and save.
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    Fanfiction ► ~~**~~Lovers & Friends~~**~~

    Cool. And Mr. your being a retard.
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    Fanfiction ► ~~**~~Lovers & Friends~~**~~

    That was cool. Just a question thou why are u writing each chapter in a new thread? You should leave them all in one thread. The original one.
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    Fanfiction ► Lovers

    Ok im seriously gonna suck at this but here it goes. Nate and Shana soon board the ship holding hands and kissing each other, the others notice them comming and Denique says "This is really pissing me off are they gon be doing this whole trip?" Nate overhears and replies smartly "Yes we will"...
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    Fanfiction ► Lovers

    You persuaded me. Ill try and write sumnthing sat or sunday. It wont be serious thou i only do funny. :laugh: <-------------diseased smile
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    Fanfiction ► Lovers

    Its ok u can use me in your fan fic.:thumbup: It sounds good so far
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    Stupid KH2 questions

    Whose that guy with the big black ears that the orphan kids were talking about? Am i supposed to use the key to open doors?
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    Sora is oriental

    Sora has no race. He is a boss he doesnt need a race.:D
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    X-plays review..

    Can someone please give me alink to the review i really want to see it .:mad:
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    What has kh2 given you in life?

    Keys if used correctly can be very lethal weapons and that a singing stage with little mermaid is stupid.
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    Whats going on

    I know this has nothing to do with kh2. Recently i could have entered the xchat but they changed the first page of the chat and now i cant enter. What do i do.
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    Paradox help

    Can someone give me advice on how to beat the timed part of the hades paradox cup as quickly as possible. The furthest i got was leon and cloud. I killed cloud and had 2 more bars of leon and ti9m e ran out. Any help accepted.
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    form gauge auto-refill

    This is not the only way this can be done it can be done in all stages. Have the bar filled however you want i just enter the underdrome cup and leave. Then you go to the stage you want to use the drive and as its about to hit 0 go to save point and re enter the stage. Your drive bar will be...
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    micky help me kill xaldin 0-o

    Don't worry luckysora im always on the forums and still did not know you could play as mickey. And i never would have known you could play as him until my cousin died on that door in beast castle. I actually felt proud i never played as mickey seeing i died twice in the game in parts that did...
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    what is your most hated keyblade

    I did not really like the one from port royal it looked wierd and it was weak.
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    Does anyone know how to beat sephiroth if so tell me how

    When your falling down and he attacks you and you cant get out of it press circle twice to fall later. To avoid his atttak in the air press sqaure facing him and then press x repeatedly to get a combo. Also i tried sometimes if i had full life to just let him attack me and fall and cure on...
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    Don't know if this is stupid

    I don't think it was just an effect because it was only used once in the ending.
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    Love Story

    Yes but goofy never really had anyone to love in the game.
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    Falling Off the Tower

    Now why would you want the japanese translation if you could play the na one