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    Completed Journal?

    well all i need is to beat the damn hades cup the last cup but battle 49 is so freaken hard !!!!!!! all the final fantasy battle characters are against u and its in proud so the hits hurt u even more X / so thats all i need and im done
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    KH2 - time for you to complete

    around 42 hours in proud mode yea i lv'ed up about 5 levels in each world i also would take my time in the game i just rushed in the beggingn cuz i was falling asleep
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    KH3 story(spoilers)

    :idea: The Chasers all had to power to create, save, destroy and lock world's hearts. Their keyblade gave them enough power to unlock the energy of a worlds physical heart and be able to move from world to world. The Chasers began to follow their own ambitions. In the place between worlds...
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    Glitches In KDH2?

    yea i had a glicth and my game was brand new , when i like battle a bosss i have to use a magic atk to kill him when he has 0 hp ><
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    How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2?

    Re: How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2? well its not all bad if u loved FF7 and u put her voice into ur head when playing it u realize how soothing it is and in AC it sounds great when aries forgives cloud in the phone scene :cool:
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    Mickey's Letter

    ha this is so funny well to the series part did anyone know that soras ultimate weapon in KH2 has a crown on it i had no idea and if u look closely that figure in the secret ending of Kh2 looks like aries . . . :eek: PM ME IF U WANT 2 TALK ABOUT THSI WITH ME:o
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    Should the Other Original Org Names Be Revealed

    thats very good shit taht takes knowledge to come up wit
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    KH2's Broken Promises

    yea it ****en sucks huh and another broken promise was that u can play as riku during the story khinsider said taht i still remember it
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    Infinite Experience

    easy or hard sephiroth well sephiroth in this one is more easier cuz all u ahev to do is use trinity and then elixer and then again but i beat him without using items cuz it was actually a challenge but in the first KH hes harder :rolleyes: Image removed... TOO LARGE. Resize. also if...