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    Naughty Toys

    You really won't believe your eyes. YouTube - NAUGHTY Dora the Explorer TOY . . . . . . Interactive Friend AquaPet Toy Product Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia YouTube - WORST Disney Toy EVER!...OMG......Rad Repeatin Tarzan Toy Product Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia YouTube -...
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    Another new show on Sci Fi that I was watching. Pretty cool, in my opinion. Anyone else like it?
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    Estate of Panic

    Just watched the first episode of this on Sci Fi channel and it was awesome.
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    Short & Disturbing: Enigma of Amigara Fault

    This is actually a bonus story in another manga called Gyo. It's fairly short, but the story is just... Well, read it! /Gyo%20v02%20c09%20pg173.jpg&server=nas.html"]Click.
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    No, not Naruto. Honestly children, aren't you ready to experience a REAL manga? Uzumaki is a horror story by Ito Junji, mainly about...spirals killing people. Or worse. Read it here.
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    Ghost Hunters

    For those who believe and the skeptics of our world, do you watch this show?
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    I accidentally came across these guys and thought their cello skills were rad. YouTube - AMV Gunnm ( Cohkka - Apocalyptica ) YouTube - Apocalyptica - The Unforgiven
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    Xion & Axel scene, a playable boss fight?

    I'm not. Considering I can't afford to buy a DS, PSP, or a crap load of other games for my PS3.
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    Xion & Axel scene, a playable boss fight?

    Don't get me wrong, I WANT to enjoy it. I'm just not amazed by a slight twist.
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    Xion & Axel scene, a playable boss fight?

    Spare me your slander, and try posting something discussion worthy. Well, not if you've been playing as him beforehand.
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    Xion & Axel scene, a playable boss fight?

    Except Roxas's powers were no different from Sora's.
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    Xion & Axel scene, a playable boss fight?

    It's basically the same fight, just a female Keybearer. Sure doesn't sound impressive.
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    Xion & Axel scene, a playable boss fight?

    Well, how much different would a Xion vs. Axel fight be from Roxas vs. Axel? :/ Sounds boring to me.
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    Battle Angel Alita ~ GUNNM (Gun Dream)

    Created in 1991 by Yukito Kishiro, Battle Angel utterly shreds most manga in terms of character development and story. The plot is rather grim, involving plenty of bloody action, and at other times allows brighter moments to shine. Told through artwork that is superb in every last detail, it's...
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    Dead Space

    There must be somebody on these forums who is as excited about this game as I. For the uninformed, Dead Space is an all new sci-fi survival horror game from EA, putting you in the role of an engineer, Isaac Clarke, who gets caught up in a very intense situation that involves an alien takeover...
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    Two For Two

    Simple theory that just popped up in my mind. It's probably flawed in some way, but that's why I leave you readers to determine it. I propose that when Sora & Kairi's Nobodies were created, they may have had a pair created in both the Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness to correspond with...
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    Unbirths -- The Opposite of Nobodies

    Do you mean this? I like to think of it this way: That the Unbirths were either stripped from elsewhere and born into the Realm of Light as the creatures we've seen, or that they weren't anything to begin with and simply freaks of nature created by another force. And by that same token, their...
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    Unbirths -- The Opposite of Nobodies

    Meh. Though arguing may tarnish the quality of the thread, the fact still remains that my theory is as valid as any other. Anyway I'm bumping this with the hope to get on better grounds.
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    Unbirths -- The Opposite of Nobodies

    I have convinced plenty of people that it's possible. I already accepted that not everyone would like or agree with it a long time ago, but that doesn't mean I can't defend my idea. You're the one who keeps coming back to tell me my irrefutable theory is wrong, so go take your own advice.
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    Unbirths -- The Opposite of Nobodies

    Well, looks like ours has gotten the farthest, ne?