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    KH2 preview/ comercial

    yeah jus wait till they show the commersial for it, then you will really know that KH2 is comming out soon.
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    KH2 Ultimania?

    Anybody know where I can get one?>
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    A thought about the Limited Edition Strategy Guide

    Hmm, well Im going to EBgames saturday, so I'll be sure to ask about it.
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    KH2 Ultimania?

    Ok, but you can still get it right? Also where can you purchase it from?
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    KH2 Ultimania?

    Ok if this has been posted be4, sry. But what is it? When will America get it, also how much is it?
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    Pronouncing Namine

    I pronouncer it like Na-min-yay
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    New Interview Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    Great find!!!!!
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    Can anyone give a link, that shows the very last ending, where it shows all the Keyblades and those knights? Srry if its been posted be4.
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    Nomaru Interview

    This interview ia in Electronic Gamings MArch 2006 Issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ......Directing a Kingdom Hearts CG movie: " If I were to create it, I would definitely consider it and the movie should be possoble. " ......Directing Final Fantasy for PS3 or...
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    * GOOD SPOILER * Sec Ending.. its new. For me

    Hmmmm, well IF it is, true which I dont know so I cant say that it isnt, then great find :-)
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    I think this movie is going to be awesome, by the way what is that song in the preview of it?
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** Wel I saw 2 female figures, and one huge male figure, also one of the females and the male picked up like to wierd-evil looking keyblades, and the other female picked up what looked like a kingdom key.
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    Did anyone...?

    I asked the people about the Strategy Book, and they said that there was no strategy book as far as they new, but of course they are just pompus freaks
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    Did anyone...?

    EB Games said that they didnt know anything about the strategy book, but I will get it when I see it :-)
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    June for KH2?

    Well I pre-ordered for KH2 today , and they ( EBGames ) said that when it comes out it will be in June, but yet I went to thier website and it said March, what do you guys think about this?
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    So, how's Atlantica in KH 2?

    I hated Atlantica in KH, maybe it will be better in KH2.
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    KH2 Release Date

    you can shut youre mouth, my post wasnt directed at you, and what you just posted was spam. Off arguement, yeah Gamestop wont know for sure until SE gives it out, period.
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    KH2 Release Date

    Well seems like you dont have a lot of friends, and if you do I would hate to say hello to you. You'll prob snap my head of. Go to anger managment dude, and stop freakin out.
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    KH2 Release Date

    SIMPLE, I agree.
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    KH2 Release Date

    Yeah, Square cant make up thier mind, thier getting aggrevating.