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  1. J

    Which Next Gen system is the best for a Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Just wondering which system is the most popular around here.
  2. J

    KH2 too easy?

    Well think about it. Nobody thought it was easy until the people at IGN said it was. DAMN YOU! I still like it.
  3. J

    The "Chaser" symbol revealed! (possibly...)

    On the 6th day of TWTN, when you get the sketches from Namine, Roxas draws something on the table next to the Heartless and the Nobodies symbol. That's what I think. I just wanna know what yall think.:cool:
  4. J

    New plans for Kingdom Hearts...

    Does anyone know when the next Square-Enix Party is? Cause I just cant wait to see what the new thing for Kingdom Hearts is!
  5. J

    Just to confirm...

    I heard that Tetsuya Normura was going to announce somthing about Kingdom Hears at the next Square-Enix party. Is that true? ALSO, here's a little poll I think is interesting.
  6. J


    I was wondering if anyone know where I can download the PSP commercial about Portable Carpet.
  7. J

    David Gallagher Interview

    All yall shut up
  8. J


    Hey yall
  9. J

    question for people who have kh2

    If you dont have it, dont post stupid.
  10. J

    help on map cards

    You need to keep killing Heartless. Sorry.
  11. J

    Wut is wrong with u people

    Yeah! All yall need to shut up talkin bout the NA VA! That means you King Sora!
  12. J

    English VA's...

    We don't need to know who the voice actors are. What we need is a release date and a rating.
  13. J

    Drive forms (minor spoiler)

    Yall need to shut up before yall spoil anymore of it!!!
  14. J


    I don't mean to be off topic but...Yall should cut Jesse McCartney some slack. I saw some clips of Roxas on the MTV interveiw, and it really matches Roxas personality.
  15. J

    which is the better form?

    Master because its flat out gangsta!!!
  16. J


    You have to put the word kingdom
  17. J

    Memory Stick Question

    I'm thinking about getting a PSP. But I was wondering: if you don't want any photos in it, can you transfer space to another catagorey?:confused:
  18. J

    Disney or FF

    It's says it itself.
  19. J

    Possible Pushback!!!!!!

    If Square is saying that Kingdom Hearts 2 is going to be E10, but the ESRB is saying T. When it comes out, and it says E10, the ESRB might demand a recall to change the cover:eek: