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    Ventus unmasked plus ven vs ventus unmasked pic *SPOILERS*

    I have a video of what you're talking about in my thread http://forums.khinsider.com/spoilers/142926-vanitas-unmasked-video-not-credits.html
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    vanitas unmasked video-not credits

    Follow this link: Justin.tv - OUTS奧特斯! Archives Select choose a specific time, click the 9th and enter the time 11:01 A then use the skip button to go to the time frame of 12:22-12:27 and enjoy
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    probably everything in wonderland
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    Worth buying?

    yeah i dont see myself buying it then, thanks
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    Worth buying?

    I know it's a dumb question to ask in a KH forum but is it worth buying a DS for this game alone?
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    Updated secret ending characters

    The part in the characters section about King Mickey having a new black outfit seems wrong because we see in the battle with Terra in FM+ that his armor is colorful but in Birth By Sleep his armor is just dull like the other 3 knights. I haven't seen King Mickey's outfit in KH2 in awhile but im...
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    New Game

    Im not sure if im right but isnt the new game going to focus on Terra, Ven, and Aqua? if so does anyone else wish for no Disney in that game so maybe a little more violence/ deadlier moves with the keyblade? i dont mean like blood gushing out when u attack them i just mean like maybe more...
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    ARMAX help

    hey im having a problem with adding kh2 codes to my ARMAX. if i just type in the (m) code then it says Cant read master code (something like that) but if i type in just the code without (m) code it says it works but when i try it (ex: infinte drive guage, final form, and slow drive guage) so im...
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    All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N.)

    Re: All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N hey im having a problem with this. if i just type in the (m) code then it says Cant read master code (something like that) but if i type in just the code without (m) code it says it works but when i try it...
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    Ar Max

    hey i just got AR MAX for PS2 today and i really have no idea how it works...ive tried looking at FAQs, tutorials, everything...like i see codes that will be like Infinite Health- DJGF-FFDGF-5345 or something and i dont even know where u put those codes in...i tried going on codejunkies.com and...
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    Why does this happen?

    isnt all the places based on Sora's memories? i havent played CoM in a while but i think that might be why, sora just remembers the heartless
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    spells and dalmations

    i havent played KH in a long time and i forget how to get blizzaga, thundaga, and aeroraga (or aeroga i forget) and i also dont know where to find the chest for Dalmations 64, 65 66
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    Cool Picture, obviously fake

    sorry i didnt know if this was the right place to put this but it has to do with the secret ending and knights...its riku in a knight armor
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    Sora's Official Height?

    this thread made it to the main page, with 3 pages and still no answer ;_; id say he's about 5'4-5'6 which is too short for a 15 year old
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    Sora's Official Height?

    i really dont get the height in KH series...in KH1 Sora was a midget...and in KH2 (the beginning atleast) sora looks so much taller, then u get to hollow bastion with leon and cid and he still looks short...sora is 15 and what Kai said about cloud makes him seem 5'4. i mean im 14 and im 5'11 so...
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    Organization hoods?

    I remember reading somewhere that in FM+ they showed the organization removing their hoods instead of showing their lower body or someone else? i havent seen a video about it or anything...its nothing big i was just curious
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    This should show Square Enix.

    yea and on the main page (not just PS2) withing 2 days FM+ went from not listed to #1 on most wanted FAQs
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    Crown Search

    has anyone gotten a crown accessory yet? and i also heard somewhere that you can get different colors depending on the order but i dont think thats true
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    tell supersonic to report if anything is different about the keyblades
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    so maybe yurai was right, its a powerup for ur keyblades...hopefully it helps in the cavern of memories