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    In Your Opinion what game really took skill this is hear because i think this game only took skill, only when on hard mode though,(still doesnt need as much) whacha guys think? In CoM cloud omnislash thing made everything easy, (i know this cause ive beat it with lowest health possible, least...
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    only use AP ups on sora donald and goofy dont do jack, also in a boss battle 1. use magic till u are about to lose all of it 2. use a limit 3. go into a drive 4. summon if can 5. mash and bash no, u dont need healing, donald provides
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    Other Side of your Heart

    u beat me to it and yes that is true (someone better not tell me im wrong)
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    umm my xion thoery

    im guessing some posts got deleted?
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    My Xion Theory (Makes sense!)

    NO IT DOES NOT! (i only read the first line and reply)
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    umm my xion thoery

    o god it has been a while since ive posted a thread so dont flame (im an old hag) anyways: IMO xion wasnt made from anything that sora did w/ any keyblade or ANYTHING I think that Xion was ARTIFICIALLY MADE by DiZ to spy on the organization idk if it makes sense but proof, it says she was MADE...
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    did coded get released or am i drunk?
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    MP Glitch

    with ultima weapon mp charges faster
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    the blind fold theroy

    no no no no riku turned into ansem because he couldnt defeat someone from the dark (roxas) without the darkness in him(ansem) so he changed to beat him
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    the # is the day they joined and the proof i dont need to say just look at roxas xon and marluxuia
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    idk why but i thuink DiZ made xion. because she is a special nobody she might have been made out of data like the data 13 battles idk u tell me
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    wow k ive been chekin stuff round here and not posted but is anyone shocked they did release it in NA im happy ut more shocked
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    in order 1. demyx cause timer but found out bout reaction command 2. xaldin cause his power 3. xigbar cause spam of gun and randomness
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    A little problem with the last battle with Riku.

    cloud omnislash and sonic blade then high potion and have oogie boogie card
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    How to beat Sephiroth

    go to bizkit047 on youtube.com then on his channel search sephiroth then there will be a video to beat him best guide ever
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    uh i havent posted in a long time but anyway i was just lookin at the high qual. scans and i thought that maybe xion is somehow connected to zexion because the hair looks the same and they both have xion in their name. any opinions?
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    How to use the gold card?

    umm idk what ur talkin bout but uhh u mean the key to rewards?
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    Umm... Where Did You Say??

    no u dont need RE:CoM cuz vexen gives a hint toward sora in reg CoM that he has a nobody