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    ... Twilight Thorn?...

    Right there. It's just a split second before the Twilight Thorn appears.
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    358/2 Days

    I think that this 14th member may be one of the bosses you have to get rid of in the game because she betrays the other Nobodies. That's why we don't see her in KH2 or anything.
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    kh2 got boring yet?

    I still play it along with a lot of other games. I find that a game can only get boring if I play it for say, three hours straight. Most people beat KH2 as fast as they could, but I took my time. I didn't want to speed through or I get bored.
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    Who was the coolest enemy in CoM?

    I'd have to say that Axel was my favorite to fight. I dunno why, i guess it was just the way he fought with the fire or suttin, i just loved it. Same with him in Kh2, i was just sad that I didn't get to fight him more than once.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: A quick thought about the secret ending Though you've got some good thinking when it comes to that, i just think that it was to make the clip look good. I've noticed that on lots of secret trailers I've seen in games and what not, they usually try and keep it fast and flashy, and the...
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    any new news on....

    Awh, I just want to send an official sorry to everyone who has not yet received the game in Australia or the UK! Excuse the following lame question, but can't you just import it, because we speak the same language? Or does the format of the PS2 vs. the game have something to do with it to? Oh...
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    Anyone else buy a GBA just for CoM?

    Meh, I already had my Gameboy, so I was happy. My friend on the otherhand bought the SP but COULDN't FIND THE GAME BY THE TIME HE DID!!!!!! I was laughing SO hard that I just let him borrow mine. He eventually found it (before he beat the game) and bought it as well, though I don't know why...
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    Association (Society) of Light

    Yeah, this is the Association of Light. For those of you who don't know, this is the villain that will appear in Yugioh GX SEASON 2. If anyone doesn't like the show, I am fine with that, just don't rant about it here. Members: President/Saiou=finding_twilight Vice President=Reno-Chan Manger...
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    The others?

    *Possible spoilers ahead* Alright, as I was playing through Kingdom Hearts 2 again, I came across something Xigbar said to Sora. "You've really put Organization XIII in a pickle. I guess that must be why the Keyblade chose you. But MAN, did it pick a dud this time. You don't look like you're...
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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    I was fighting Xigbar and I used Valor and when I got Final I was like "YEAH!" Until I died. I was screaming and moaning and jabbing the buttons to play again. I was fighting him again and when I used Valor.....i became Anti form. I lost again then went back to fight him again. I went into...
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    What I Did't Like About KHII

    Sure the game has some flaws, but I still LOVED IT! That is all. (Though it DID bug me that they never thanked Namine and never questioned WHY they were sleeping or anything about the other five members they already killed)
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    How did Roxas betray the Organization?

    Wait, why woul Xemnas want to betray the Organization if he is the one that started it??? What your saying isn't making sense. Roxas left because he wanted to meet Sora and by fusing with him and killing some of the Org, he was branded a traitor.
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    Most annoying boss battle

    I dunno if a thread has already been made like this one (I used the search bar several times) but who do you think had the most annoying boss battle. It doesn't even have to be hard as long as it really bugged you. I thought the Heartless you fight the 2nd time we go to PoTC was really...
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    nobody drive form glich

    Gosh, whenever I hear cool stuff like that I always have to go and try it. BE RIGHT BACK!!!
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    riku's {No Spoilers In Titles}

    Re: riku's keyblade Yeah. Sora=Light Mickey=Darkness Riku=Twilight And to clear up further confusion, the Keyblade that Riku bore in KH1, you know, the one Sora stabbed himself with wasn't Riku's keyblade. It was a weapon made up of the heart's of the Seven Princesses of Hearts. (Yeah, most...
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    "Critical Moments"

    The thing is, those keyblades are lame for me. I never let my HP stay flashing. the second it is flashing i use potions or cure, i don't just leave it there and let the stupid "in a pinch" stuff take effect.
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    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    THat is really cool looking, but I already have two gameboy SPs, so I have no use for another one, even if it is cool.
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    Gummi Ships

    I'm too lazy to make gummiships, I'll start one but then get really bored and quickly exit so I can go and KICK SOME HEARTLESS BUTT! WAHAHAH! No, no i don't.
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    how do you get final form?????

    Yeah, I got it while fighting Xibar the first time I played the game and just randomly fighting nobodies teh second time I played
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    how many

    I thought it was way too easy on Standard, but now playing it on Proud I am more satisfied with the difficulty. (I only really died on bosses on Standard, and that was rarely too, so about fifteen times. six of those from sephiroth)