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    Oriculum +...

    there are 13 in the whole game and you need all 13 to make the utlma wepon I DONT KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO SAY THIS
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    PLEASE can you help me and give me a link to were i can buy axels wepons because i really want them thanks in advance :D :) if you cant get me a link can you show me a pic of the real ones thanks
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    Limited Edition covers: which did you get?

    lucky i got wisdom form but i wanted final or master the wisdom cover is cool but my pages out of my guide have fallen out like 15 pages
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    kh:com gba cover

    no that makes me so mad
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    THe official NA Secret ending theory thread.

    there is a pic of the finire
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    Please Help!

    I Beat Him But I Died 2 Times He Was The Hardest Boss I Ever Faced
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    i heard on another fourm that you could buy axels wepons and i can not find them any were if you could show a website that would be great thanks in advance :) :D
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    weapon list

    but it dosent sohow the pics like the last stragity guide
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    where do u get the items for ultima weapon!?

    you only have 10 orilcum +ther is 13 in the whole game and you need all 13 to get the utlma wepon
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    Zexion.....(minor spoiler)

    what do you think his wepon isl like
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    Keyblade Combinations

    you can use the same keyblade for the drives?
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    KH2 Missing cutscences

    does any one have that trailer of riku on the tower
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    help finding torn pages

    i have that page and it said i didnt have it
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    Did you like Demyx?

    i beat him easey and axel is awesome
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    the world that never was
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    New Clothes

    so do i
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    does any one have a pic of the fenirer keyblade after you beat seprotoh:D
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    LE cover

    so it dosent come wit all 4 covers
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    Did Anyone?

    were can you buy it and my game stop hasent called me about it or said any thing about it i live in new mexico