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  1. TruestSyn

    Does Quadratum have Holiday worlds?

    Sora's like "Of COURSE I'd get my check a day late and it just HAS to be a bank holiday. I'm screwed if I can't get that deposit done. My landlord's gonna kick me out and Strelitzia will think I'm a total loser! Ugh....Why can't I get a day where I just don't have to work!"
  2. TruestSyn

    The State of KH Series: DISNEY/Square Enix/Original Characters

    A lot of new Disney stories are going with a less "Good vs Evil" narrative and using more of a "Bonds" narrative which is going to make it a lot harder for them to be included in KH. You can choose to replace a theme in the movie with Darkness but without a primary villain you'd either have to...
  3. TruestSyn

    party members (Fun discussion)

    Ooh, have it be either like FFXIII-2 where you had Serah, Noel, and a third monster of your choice would be pretty cool. I think they had plenty of additional characters in most of 3D, Traverse Town could have given you Neku, Shiki, Beat and Ryme, then, Phoebas and Quasimodo for Le Cite du...
  4. TruestSyn

    What are your thoughts on... (Fun discussion)

    Loved Epic Mickey, I think it would make an awesome world. Especially the animatronic Donald and Goofy.
  5. TruestSyn

    Does anyone else feel this way? (Fun discussion)

    No she didn't, she was just herself as presented in Kingdom Hearts
  6. TruestSyn

    Kingdom Hearts III Manga

    I appreciate that, but I just want to own them physically for my collection. I have all the older versions, including the volumes of the old Tokyo Pop print, so I'm just antsy to read it all once it releases in book form. If only they'd give us more information!
  7. TruestSyn

    Kingdom Hearts III Manga

    Does anyone know of a good place to get any kind of updates on this? I know articles get posted here every so often but it keeps taking a long time between volumes for a US release and I can't find any good answers on google of the current status of the manga. I don't want it to be a KHII manga...
  8. TruestSyn

    Does anyone else feel this way? (Fun discussion)

    Throwing my hat into the ring, I'd love it for Roxas to be the new MC. He's my favorite.
  9. TruestSyn

    About Sora in kh4 (Fun discussion)

    I agree with Elysium, it would be kind of boring if all of KH4 takes place just in Quadratum. I mentioned in another post that they could split the worlds up by trios, but Ultimately if they want to focus on Sora he can't stay in Quadratum forever.
  10. TruestSyn

    An idea about connecting all the storylines in KH4

    If I had a choice, I'd go with the Yakuza/Like a Dragon 4/5 option, which you outlined but it didn't fit any of the KH scenarios. Chapter 1 or Part 1, you get to play as a certain group of characters, let's say TAV first. They were tasked with exploring the Realm of Darkness. We can have...
  11. TruestSyn

    Does anyone else feel this way? (Fun discussion)

    The Foretellers are the definition of the blind leading the blind. They are 100% convinced that everything that the Master of Masters has told them is truth that they were willing to tear each other apart to figure out who the traitor was, when there really was no traitor. This is shown by the...
  12. TruestSyn

    A possible game that takes place on Master of Masters origin.

    I could see them doing something like that once we know his identity, but it also depends on who he is. Some speculate he's Demyx, so if it is it would be interesting for sure to know what got him there. Some also say time travel Sora, which we would not really need an explanation for because we...
  13. TruestSyn

    kh 4 worlds

    Black Cauldron, Avengers 2012, Coco if they stick with the death parallels, TWEWY, Treasure Planet for sure...Too many to really name, since we kinda got stiffed a bit with 3. I love the bigger worlds, don't get me wrong, but it makes the whole experience feel a lot shorter.
  14. TruestSyn

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    I would simply love to have more segments, or even a few games, where we get to play as a different focal character. Since all of them are important at this point and they are all being worked by Yen Sid to help track Sora (or other reasons that KH4 could open up) I think it would be cool if we...
  15. TruestSyn

    Square Enix Characters in KH4

    I would really like to see Cloud and Sephiroth get their showdown, Zack again since he could tie in with Crisis Core/FF7 Part 2 or 3 and we have no idea what happened to him between BBS and KH4 other than the black feather we saw, Jack Garland just because I'd love to see his energy mix with...
  16. TruestSyn

    Anyone else, like... in LOVE with KH MoM?

    I love it too, it was fun to get the Platinum Trophy but as mentioned above there were quite a few things I would have loved they added to the game like changeable outfits. I'm so tired of KH1 Sora model at this point lol.
  17. TruestSyn

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Manga Vol. 1 by Shiro Amano cover art revealed

    I was just about to post this. I'm mad because I had it preordered and it looks like it was removed from my Amazon order list. I was looking forward to getting this almost along side MoM. Oh well, I guess I can get the light novels in the meantime.
  18. TruestSyn

    KH Bring Arts

    The Square store lists the US release at least as October 2020, I'm pretty sure Roxas and Xion are out in JP. I plan on trying to make a cardboard replica of the clock tower from Twilight Town and having RAX eating ice cream. I might give Sora Oathkeeper and Oblivion, maybe to Valor Halloween...
  19. TruestSyn

    KH Bring Arts

    Will that change when Roxas and Xion come out? 🤔 Yeah but I think they factor accessories into cost because of today's market. A figure without accessories shouldn't cost the same as one with in some peoples eyes. And if its strictly a KH 3 figure she never had any of that stuff.
  20. TruestSyn

    KH Bring Arts

    If we're talking in terms of KH3 Namine has no accessories and only shows up in the end as a cutscene, Yozora has a whole fight. I wouldn't mind Sora in the dual wield form but that would be more repeat accessories. Rage form would also be pretty cool. It'd be nice if they did a second line of...