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  1. xgnarmanx

    Sora's Vest!! (T-shirt Preorder)

    lol they did'nt even resize the image to fit the shirt. Exploiting little kids and taking their money like a boss
  2. xgnarmanx

    English Release Date Theory?

    Oh my bad I did'nt know 3ds games had to have that icon.
  3. xgnarmanx

    English Release Date Theory?

    Maybe they will just make DLC for what they cant fit in and that will the Final mixish. Add an extra episode like Bbs maybe for the FM secret ending
  4. xgnarmanx

    English Release Date Theory?

    And we are for sure not getting any extra boss battles and stuff like that?
  5. xgnarmanx

    English Release Date Theory?

    Bbs was released in late Dec or early Jan in japan and came out in september in NA. Should we be expecting the same for KH DDD ?
  6. xgnarmanx

    Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

    Craig owens new band D.R.U.G.S (Destroy rebuild until god shows) just released their first music video. Your thoughts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1Nw4jGjJGk
  7. xgnarmanx

    [other?] Old edited dissidia replays

    Hey Khi this is kinda an amv I suppose so I hope this is the right forum if not move it for me please. Anyway I was looking at my old youtube videos and I found all my old dissidia replays so tell me what you think. Are they fun to watch? does the Camera movie around to much? major motion...
  8. xgnarmanx

    Enter Shikari Dnb and dubstep remixs

    I've been a big enter Shikari fan since 2006 or 2007 Anyway I found these songs and they are fcuking amazing. I wish Dnb Juggernauts could be my life theme Songs! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIMvjamf9bk&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iG_UCgCxPE&feature=related What do...
  9. xgnarmanx

    Help/Support ► Problem with a kid (not on the forums)

    Dude just be Straight up with your parents tell them you don't want him around you anymore the only reason your parents Probably tollerate that little shit is cause they think you and him are friends. Ignore him just go hang out with someone else or just tell him in a nice way that hes being...
  10. xgnarmanx

    Help/Support ► The EX strikes back!

    Exactly what longlivelife said , but I think you should talk to him about it not right away give it a few weeks and if things don't change just sit down an talk to him about it atleast give him an chance you never wanna be the douche bag that breaks it off for a small reason without giving him a...
  11. xgnarmanx

    Help/Support ► Europe or a Car/Social life

    I say you get the car. Going to Europe is awesome but like you said it might let you down if you go alone its kinda like going to a theme park by yourself not as fun as it could be. . Who knows you might get a good job and make bank later in life and then both you and your friends can share the...
  12. xgnarmanx

    Looking for some good Dub Step

    So I Recently got introduced to dubstep and I really like it but I don't know alot of dubstep Artists , so is there any dubstep lovers/likers that can introduce me to some awesome Ear-raping dubstep awesomeness ?
  13. xgnarmanx

    Help/Support ► What do you do?

    Everything marloosha said. Except don't have a friend ask for you man up and do it yourself everyone has to at one point and if you get Rejected atleast you did it the right way
  14. xgnarmanx

    Help/Support ► What is this mechanical stuff on my teeth?!?

    take some pain pill man just stick with soup and bread for a few days ohhhh and ice cream
  15. xgnarmanx

    Zack's story

    most people that prefer zack over cloud are the people that never played the original ff7. so tell me... are you one of those people?
  16. xgnarmanx

    Zack's story

    ...you do know sephiroth has a black wing to right? It could be either sephiroth or genesis but ill bet it was sephiroth. Pftttttt Zack is cool but fucking overrated. Zack fanboys are more anoying then those assholes who worship advent children.
  17. xgnarmanx

    Secret boss?

    AyqO_PrTLf4 Wooooooooooooooooooo! Hes hardcore
  18. xgnarmanx

    If Sora had gone against MX

    Re: If Sora had come against MX It took both Sora and riku to take down xemnas and MX would whoop the shit out of xemnas. I think sora would lose. Duel weilding is temp sacrficing your party memeber so its not really soras own skill. Logically If sora was on his own he would get his...
  19. xgnarmanx

    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    This is true. For all we know the conversation between Aqua and AtW could take place some time in the next game.
  20. xgnarmanx

    What Have You Done - The first Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep AMV since its release! *WATCH NOW!*

    Everytime someone watches a Amv and kitten dies. hmm i watched it... normal AMV Generic music *blows brains out*