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  1. Trunks

    I lost track on whats going on about KH games after KH2. This place sure brings a lot of...

    I lost track on whats going on about KH games after KH2. This place sure brings a lot of memories. Glad your doing well. Cant believe I was 14 when I registered and now Im in my 30s, life goes by fast.
  2. Trunks

    Bone thugs n harmony- East 1999 Eternal

    Respect this album. Hard to believe Bone Thugs were teenagers when they made this album as it changed the rap game forever. Combining rapping with singing which they pioneered. Even tho Bone showed their rapping and singing flow on their previous EP release "Creepin On Ah Come Up" they expand...
  3. Trunks

    Any Deftones fans?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0w3xzcovn8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgIb0ItyeiA Chino must of been on some kind of drugs on this one(As it is known he used to do drugs at some point) Still an awesome show. Like how the crowd just wanted a piece of him like a god or something. My own...
  4. Trunks

    Post of a picture of someone you admire!

    Chino Moreno, lead singer for Deftones. What the title says, it can be a fictional character from an anime to a celebrity or non celebrity.
  5. Trunks

    Power Rangers: The Killing Behind The Crimson Door

    10:00 am Thursday May 5 2011 Zordon had teleported everyone to the Command Center. Hello everyone, Im Zordon. I asked Alpha to recruit you and bring you here. Im Sure you are wondering about what is currently happening. Since the beginning of good vs evil there have been protectors who would...
  6. Trunks

    Power Rangers: The Killing Behind The Crimson Door

    Power Rangers: The Killing Behind The Crimson Door Two completely different forces have collided since the beginning of time, good and evil. These two forces have waged war against each other for the fate of the universe itself. Various villains have tried to conquer the human planet known as...
  7. Trunks

    Rat vs 4 cats

    YouTube - This Rat Is Too Hood, Mighty Mouse Runs Up On 4 Cats With No Fear! Rat just went in on the attack, Master Splinter at his prime.
  8. Trunks

    Prison Break

    This is one of my favorite shows. Great cast with an awesome storyline with a lot plot twists.
  9. Trunks

    The Official Super Smash Bros Brawl Club

    An SSBB club who are fans of the game. My FC:3308 8262 3835 Lets see if you can beat me. XD
  10. Trunks

    CYBORG: Post-Apocalyptic Oblivion

    "First there was the collapse of a civilization, anarchy, genocide, and starvation. Then when things seemed like it couldn't get any worse, we got the plague. The living death, quickly closing its fists on the entire planet. And then we heard the rumors, that the last scientists were working...
  11. Trunks

    Faith No More

    Anyone listen to them? There one of my favorite bands, they a band from the late 80s and thru the 90s. Here are some their music for those who havent heard them. YouTube - faith no more - The Morning After - The Real Thing YouTube - faith no more - zombie eaters YouTube - Falling to Pieces...
  12. Trunks

    Shattered Glass

    Just saw this movie yesterday, I was really surprised by it. Its one of those gem movies, that a lot of people dont know about, but should. This movie is based on the true life story of Stephen Glass, which details the rise and fall of his journalistic career when it is found out that he...
  13. Trunks

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    I decided to make a rap battle thread, where one can call out anyone in that participates in the thread. We will have occasional tournaments, and I will be a judge and participate in the rap battles, in which I wont be judge of course. Rules: 1. Can have one or two rounds depending on the...
  14. Trunks

    Hawthorne University: A school with a dark past involving drugs, depression, murder, and suicide.

    A young man, sat up, rigid. He tossed the sheets off his bed, than placed the thick book he had been reading back in a large drawer. Last night he had been studying for his Political Science class, a class hadn't had much experience on. A bright, yellow light, hovering above his bed like a...
  15. Trunks

    Hawthorne University: A school with a dark past involving drugs, depression, murder, and suicide.

    RP IC thread link: http://forums.khinsider.com/original-roleplays/152449-hawthorne-university-school-dark-past-involving-drugs-depression-murder-suicide.html Hawthorne University is a middle upper class school. Its a an acclaimed university, the biggest in the city, but not as world renowned as...
  16. Trunks

    Metal Gear: Suicide

    FoxHound is a High-Tech Special Forces Unit that specializing in solo covert infiltration missions. This unit specializes in black ops, carrying out top-secret operations within "unauthorized" combat zones which are too politically-sensitive to intervene in through conventional means. Each...
  17. Trunks

    SSBB: challengers are welcomed

    I like playing this game and posted here to brawl people. My fc is 3308 8262 3835
  18. Trunks

    bone thugs n harmony- tha crossroads

    damn this has to be the best rap music video ever made, incase yall dont know bone invented the use of rapping and singing/harmonizing, everybody has imitated there style but can never duplicated, and unlike rappers today they dont talk about cars hoes etc. anyway this song was dedicated to...
  19. Trunks


    Asylum --------- Imagine you were on living your life and at the end of the day you go to sleep and the next day as you wake up, you find yourself in an Asylum. Could the life you were living been real or just a dream? The people that take care of you in the Asylum have given you pills, its been...
  20. Trunks

    I Can't find Suikoden V in stores...

    Are they still selling Suikoden V at stores in the U.S? because i rented the game back in Nov, and I've been wanted to buy the game since then, and last week I finally had the time and money to buy it, and couldn't find it, anybody know why?