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  1. sheelage

    How much munny did you get with Roxas?

    I usually aim to get between 500-1000 munny. That said, I've also gone as high as 2000 munny a few times. It's all about how much time I have that day and how daring I'm feeling.
  2. sheelage

    Do you replay games?

    I don't replay games as often as I used to, but I do find myself going back to specific titles that I really enjoyed. One of the main reasons I'm drawn to those games is because of the nostalgia factor - I remember how much fun I had playing it the first time and how much I learned from it...
  3. sheelage

    Politics Video games and Anxiety during this pandemic

    I prefer Minecraft. The game gained popularity because of its simple graphics and unusual atmosphere. The whole world consists of cubes: no circles, triangles, or polygons. Even the round objects in the game are made of pixels. Even the sun and the moon are square! minecraft smp is available on...