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  1. mookystank

    FM New Command Help?

    I'm playing through BbS FM with Terra right now, and I just looked in the Mirage Arena Medal Shop for the first time, and to my surprise there is a reprisal command in there. The Japanese name is エアリカバリー, and no translation guide that I can find for the original Japanese game has the translation...
  2. mookystank

    Transferece of Keyblade ownership from Riku to Sora

    This is what I thought. I've apparently been reading the wrong things, lol. Thanks!
  3. mookystank

    Transferece of Keyblade ownership from Riku to Sora

    I guess I should warn against spoilers, but they are certainly only minor for games other than KH1. This isn't an attempt to disprove what we already have had confirmed for quite some time now, I just recently have encountered an issue I hope to have clarified. The accepted transference of...
  4. mookystank

    More New Information From Famitsu on KH3D

    If Toy Story is really in there, I may have the most positive emotional breakdown in recorded history.
  5. mookystank

    New info of BBS FM and Secret Episode Details(update)

    Re: New info of BBS FM and Secret Episode Details I neeeeeeeeed better a translation of this...
  6. mookystank


    Both of these are wrong. "No." is indeed an abbreviation for number, but "i" is not representative of 1. In math, the number represented by i is called the imaginary number, or the square root of negative 1. The main significance of the number i is to contrast them with REAL numbers. Thus, in...
  7. mookystank

    So they STILL never bothered to explain about Ienzo? And question about Roxas

    I always thought Zexion was made an adult because Nomura wouldn't want us to depict the death of a child. I don't think there's much more to read into it than that, I don't think that there's some fantastic reason. Whether he had a magical growth spurt or uses illusions, I don't think it...
  8. mookystank

    Namine, Ventus, and Castle Oblivion

    That's exactly what it is, there's an interview about it somewhere.
  9. mookystank

    Namine, Ventus, and Castle Oblivion

    There certainly shouldn't be flaming for that. It's one of the biggest mysteries of all, it has a lot to do with her status as "special." It's not certain how she was made, but I think it can be inferred that, since it didn't happen when Kairi's heart left her body and went to Sora's, but did...
  10. mookystank

    Namine, Ventus, and Castle Oblivion

    I agree about Sora being a walking heart, I think my sarcasm at the end of my post may have been unclear - I meant to say just that, that Sora was in a sense a special kind of Heartless that didn't need a body to exist on its own. And regarding Namine, I would like to agree with you, but she...
  11. mookystank

    Namine, Ventus, and Castle Oblivion

    There is no body for Namine to inhabit either. If multiple exceptions can be made for Namine, then so can many be made for other Nobodies. Plus, who's to say that the hearts in Xehanort are clustered, or whether Sora's and Kairi's were not? I tend to think that Namine has no body at all. After...
  12. mookystank

    Namine, Ventus, and Castle Oblivion

    I was under the impression that Sora's Heartless led to the creation of Roxas. Are we to assume that the production of only one Heartless from a body releasing multiple hearts should lead to multiple Nobodies? In that case, where are the rest of AX's Nobodies? After all, he had 3 hearts in him...
  13. mookystank

    MF/Namine/Roxas - New interpretation of Heartless/Nobody relationships?

    Here I am with yet another theory regarding Nobodies. My first claim is that no Heartless is necessary to make a Nobody. Example: Namine. Namine was born from the heart of Kairi being released from Sora. As we all know, Kairi's heart never became a Heartless, as she had a heart of pure...
  14. mookystank

    Possible MF Connection?

    Xemnas has never created a world. I always read it as meaning "The realm of the present, the realm of darkness..." IE, he is presently in that realm.
  15. mookystank

    TGS2010 BbSFM High-Quality Trailer - Armored Boss & Monstro Fight

    Re: NEW BBS Jap DLC trailer! showing new secret boss (not mysterious figure) & Monstro fight!!! Maybe you should check, I don't know, the main page of the website. You didn't even have to use the search bar, news about BBSFM is all over the place. Btw, it isn't DLC, it's a separately released...
  16. mookystank

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I'm pretty sure that by "fixed sentiment" Nomura didn't mean the Lingering Sentiment, IE Terra's armor. He meant what happened to MX and Terranort when they stabbed themselves, not to Terra himself when MX's heart entered his body.
  17. mookystank

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I totally already posted something similar to this. (I don't mean this as a flame, but as to say that I'm completely on your side.) _____________________________ Have we seen anywhere that Keyblades of People's Hearts are the only ones that can unlock hearts? Actually, the fact that Master...
  18. mookystank

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Interestingly, I found a quote myself from the BBS Ultimania Interview: -- In "KHI" when Sora stabs the "Keyblade of people's hearts" into himself to release his heart and Kairi's, Sora's Heartless and Nobody were born. When Master Xehanort and Terra:Xehanort stab themselves with the Keyblade...
  19. mookystank

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I don't think that the creation of a Heartless is necessary. I can't find anywhere that's it's been clearly, explicitly stated by Nomura that the creation of a Heartless is necessary. (I've looked, and if anyone can find a quote for me please do let me know.) I think it's simply the removal of...
  20. mookystank

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    If this is a repeat idea, go on and flame away, I'm too lazy to read through 81 pages of a thread. I think that MF is the Nobody of MX or ME. Here's why: First, watch this (even though you've all seen it): Sora Unlocks His Heart: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts- Sora Unlocks his Heart Notice that at...