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  1. TheScaryRiddle

    Birth by Sleep: A massive piece of Fridge Brilliance

    Just like Jesus was a normal person! Not a literal king. OMGosh!!!
  2. TheScaryRiddle

    KH3D, Tetsuya Nomura, full interview.

    I feel like it's a data sora and data riku, put into a new scenario. And I feel it has something to do with Riku fighting the darkness. Like... seeing if he would fall into it again even in a completely new situation? I don't know. I just feel like it shows some struggle of Riku against the...
  3. TheScaryRiddle

    Name Problem

  4. TheScaryRiddle

    Favorite Games-Nintendo 64

    Mine are... Super Mario 64: The best part of this game for me was the music and all of the sounds. It was so unique. The sound of hitting a wall and finishing a level come to mind. Plus I love how much there was to do in that game. 120 stars!! Banjo-Kazooie/Banjo-Tooie: These two games were...
  5. TheScaryRiddle

    Unversed Return ?

    He never said they wouldn't exist. He said the emblems should be gone by now (I'm assuming he didn't know emblems made emblems) and Nobodies shouldn't be a threat (because they are without the Org since they're stuck in lands between light and dark and there's not many of those.)
  6. TheScaryRiddle


    I really want to get a pic of that and put a caption on it. CAPTION: Little does Terra know that BBS features a bigger and badder fourth main character... Wheel of Death: the mother of all chakrams!
  7. TheScaryRiddle

    Young MX revealed!

    I think that's what exposure to darkness does. Aren't the three physical changed whiter hair, darker skin, and orange eyes?
  8. TheScaryRiddle

    End of Terra?

    Could any of the Org. members time travel? Why would Xehanort put pieces of his soul in the other members? Is it the soul that contains abilities of the Org. members? And how would Xehanort know this? I dunno. This just seems a bit too technical for Kingdom Hearts. It's possible, but I'm not...
  9. TheScaryRiddle

    Mysterious Figure Has Nice Boots

    Wha... I don't even get where that came from? Their are an infinite ways to hide someone's identity. Yes, I understand the majority of those wouldn't work in a video game boss battle, but I'm just asking for a little more creativity. The black cloak thing seems lazy. And where are they getting...
  10. TheScaryRiddle

    Mysterious Figure Has Nice Boots

    I say it's someone we haven't met before, but it'd be nice if Nomura could think of a new way to conceal people's identities, cause the whole black cloak thing is getting really really old.
  11. TheScaryRiddle

    soras mom

    Sora: Hey, guys? D&G: Yeah? Sora: You know who I really miss? D&G: Riku and Kairi? Sora: No... my mom. D&G: OMG!!! STFU about your mom already!!! ---- But seriously, family isn't important. It's been confirmed. So this thread seems pretty useless to me.
  12. TheScaryRiddle

    Anyone else think Sora pales in comparison to TAV?

    Funny I thought TAV were way more 2D than Sora. They don't show much personality imo. And while not necessarily as strong, SRK's friendship was much much more wrought out. How they became friends, the rivalry between Sora and Riku, the complexity of Sora seeing Kairi as a friend and as an... I...
  13. TheScaryRiddle

    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    Don't worry, I'm on Standard too. I'm playing as Ven and I'm level thirteen I think. I've just started Olympus Coleseum(sp?). I personally am not a fan of the command limits or whatever those transformations are. You don't ever get to use them to their fullest, because by the time you've...
  14. TheScaryRiddle

    Another take on '3D'

    So Nomura stated that 3D actually means something I'm assuming? Because every other game announced for the 3DS also has 3D in the title so... it seems odd to speculate what 3D means. Of course unless I missed something.
  15. TheScaryRiddle

    Help/Support ► I'm considering religion.

    If you're looking for "religion", you won't find it in Christianity. Luap: I LOVE your location!
  16. TheScaryRiddle

    White Rook drawing

    This is literally the only good piece of art I've ever made (and even this isn't that great), but I figured I'd post it here to see what people thought. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30509878&l=823925e514&id=1438076366 The story behind it is this. I'm not sure how are when exactly...
  17. TheScaryRiddle

    'Nother new person thread

    Hello, everyone. I'm TheScaryRiddle. You can call me whatever you want as long as it's derived from my name and is obvious that it's directed at me. I'd like to see how obvious the origin of my name is, so if anyone would like to guess feel free.