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  1. Night Shadow

    Goofy as a turtle.

    i think hes one realy fast turltle, hes the only one that can keep up when i dash in the lion king world XD
  2. Night Shadow

    Fanfiction ► (One-Shot) Falling

    it was good im alittle confused as to why he was falling but well writen nonetheless ^_^
  3. Night Shadow

    Rumored Names for the BHK

    i kinda like the Aros thing that was going around, i bet its not his name, but still...or maybe he only has a name like tidus from ff10 had a name (noone would say it cuz you could change it)
  4. Night Shadow

    Will Jiminy cricket have a bigger role in KH2?

    i guess its possible but more importantly, who cares? i dont much like jiminy
  5. Night Shadow

    i'm so pissed off... KH@ not till 2006?!?!?!

    come here recently? weve had that date for a while now...and theres no point in geting upset about it, itll come out when it comes out
  6. Night Shadow

    You know you can't wait anymore when...

    you know you cant wait anymore for kh2 when =you have memorized every single last acpect of the first two games, right down to what color Soras shoe lace thingys are =you have seen the newest trailor 100 times =you learnt(or starded to learn) japanese because you didnt want to have to wait...
  7. Night Shadow

    KH2 and The Evils of eBay

    hes pushing it too hard, saying stuff like "its totaly legal" and "you can get it faster than anyone else!", you pick these things up when you had a summer job trying to sell people newspaper subsrciptions they dont want :P
  8. Night Shadow

    TGS2005 Trailer Subtitles

    ive been trying to translate it too but its hard because i have EXTREAMLY limeted japanes. thanx for the time and effort dude!
  9. Night Shadow

    Question and a small noticed thing

    i think the "DD world" looks like twilight town at night, but scince i heard tt dosnt have night im ignoring them...dont flame, that my opinoin the pic do look simmilar, but ive been over that and its realy nothing new...
  10. Night Shadow

    Cid...Cid...Anyone want another Cid?

    i love cid so yess i wanna see him come back, but they will use the same one again so dont get ur hopes up about that srry
  11. Night Shadow

    What Level (are u stuck?)

    i have probs with riku's side, the last fight with ansem,i beat it once but that was obviously luck...hes on 60 sumtin by the way it probably just because i hate cbg's and i suck awsomely on the gp. IM A BIG CONSOLE(sp?) PERSON!!
  12. Night Shadow

    the coolest world in kh

    i love hollow bastion and not just because its fun to say *says "hollow bastion" a few times* well maybe it is lol
  13. Night Shadow

    stuff that sucks in kh : chain of memories

    CARDS!!!! i hate CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides that i hated how i couldnt control when riku changed, how lon it takes riku to get out of a world, and oh, the CARDS!
  14. Night Shadow

    is riku's soul eater a k blade or sword

    the divine rose dosnt look like a key either, its still a key blade...any way i think it is a sword Edit: i edited that cuz i didnt actualy read the title befor i posted and because if it was the heart unlocker, it would actualy make sence to have a question about it... srry :o
  15. Night Shadow


    i was talking to my friends about com, andthey dont like kh nearly as much as i do, so i made up a name for the fake riku...Dante, its also his name in the fan fic i never got around to wrighting i dont think most of the people on your list for the org. look like the names u gave them but i...
  16. Night Shadow

    what happened to fake riku

    yeah, he dead now. but it would be cool if he came back. doubt it would happen but it would still be cool...
  17. Night Shadow

    did he die

    actualy s king, he was, anyone but me said:
  18. Night Shadow


    in retrospect, i should have rented it off of gamefly, i didnt much care for it but i liked the story, so idrent then maybe buy
  19. Night Shadow

    Just wonderin'

    i figured it was a space isue(sp) the cinimatics themselves had to take up a bunch, maybe they just realy wanted the song so they didnt use voices
  20. Night Shadow

    Who did you prefer? AND WHY?

    soras side for many reasons +story was better +story made sence (why was riku in co? for instance) +story gave motivation to get to the next room, rikus, not so much +sora was easyer to control +i wasnt stuck with cards on lvl 1,2,3,4, and i think one six, on many/any worlds +sora didnt turn...