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    If you played Re: COM already

    Well, when I got FM all I ever intended to play was KH2FM. I haven't even tried to play my Japanese Re:CoM because the cards would be too hard to work and everything would suck. I will definitely be getting the English one, though. It seems a whole bunch of stuff was retconned like Lexeaus'...
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    Org. XIII past

    Yup yup, Xemnas report please! ^o^ It's almost a given that they'll at least go into Axel's and Xion's past, as they seem to be part of the main trio, so at the very least those two will be given real names.
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    Xigbar's Unique Insight

    Hmmm...it seems we are clones.
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    Is the Keyblade...Intimidating?

    I'll have to try to beat Terra with the Sweet Memories now. That would be great....heh heh.
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    358/2 Days Limits?

    Hooray! Someone appreciates me! ^_^
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    358/2 Days Limits?

    I love the idea, I've been thinking about it, too. Howzabout a Trinity Limit-type attack for Roxas, Axel, and Xion? Eh, eh? I love the idea for the Luxord combo, Sleight of Hand. lol, I bet Luxord never expected to do it on himself. Well, here goes: Xemans: Beginning and End - Roxas and Xemnas...
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    Sora says hollow bastion is familiar...

    Hm. I had forgotten about that. Good eye.
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    Organization Members Names

    Rmember, kids, wikipedia is your friend. That was only directed at OP, by the way.
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    ...There's no opinion about it...
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    Riku, Kairi, and Roxas info

    The whole thing is still ridiculous, though. I'm sure we'll get some straight answers in 358, but for now...I'm with the bunch that think it has something to do with Xion.
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    Organization XIII (oops my bad, XIV)

    Well, those weren't canon, right? Seems like Vexen would be the one to make those Data versions, but how could have made Roxas' if he died right when Roxas was joining the Org? ...Well, I guess Xemnas or someone else could have done it, but, yeah, they aren't canon.
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    Organization XIII (oops my bad, XIV)

    Well, it actually wasn't always Organization XIII, right? It started with just 6 members and just happened to get 13 (well, 14 actually, but I guess Xion isn't very important to Xemnas). In CoM, it is only refered to as The Organization. But, yeah, it has only been The Org and Org XIII. Anyway...
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    Official 358/2 Days Site Updates with DKS3713 Trailer!

    Please! C'mon bittermeats, work your magic! ^_^
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    Is KH: 358/2 Days has the function?

    We can only hope.
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    im lost

    The stuff we're seeing is proly all multiplayer. Hmmmm...I wonder how much time passed between Sora's losing his body to when he got to Castle Oblivion... What I'm getting at is just how many missions could Roxas have gone on in that time/how much time could he have spent with the CO Org...
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    Card Deck System in BBS

    Congrats on Platinum! *fires off cannon* See? Someone cares.
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    Import Help

    Wow, it must be so awful to have the game and not be able to play. T_T I was lucky enough to find both together at an anime convention. The game is totally worth the hassle, so don't give up! :)
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    Xion and Riku?

    I don't think Xemnas would hold anyone like that; gotta be Riku. ...wow, maybe there is some romance there, at least a hint...maybe.
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    xion's somebody

    But Luffy, the fact remains that darkness is required to form a nobody. Kairi didn't have any, she needed to use Sora's. ...I do still think she's related to Kairi somehow, though, but I can't justify it beyond "they look alike"
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    New shot of Marluxia and Lexaeus

    WOOT I <3 Marluxia, despite both of us being male He's like Dante: he's badass with style!