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  1. J

    Help/Support ► lol, SMK feels depressed. :< (foul language ahoy)

    Firstly, just wanted to say that I agree that it does suck when people make fun of you, and when you feel isolated the way you do. Just know that you're not alone when facing a problem like this. There will always be people in life you come across that want to lower your self-esteem, ruin your...
  2. J

    Whats is funny cutscene you like

    Hmm... 1) When Sora had this dreamy, far-off expression on his face and Goofy and Donald teased him about his face getting red, meaning that he was probably thinking of Kairi. Cute scene. 2) In Ansem's computer lab, Donald continually stepping on the keyboard even after he was warned; everyone...
  3. J

    Sora & Kairi reunite

    I didn't think they would kiss yet, for some reason, I think they're saving that until near the end of the games. I would have liked for it to happen, but there was a lot more going on around them at the time. I expected Sora to grab her and tell her how much he missed her. xD Gah, that's just...
  4. J

    THE battle in Paradox Cup

    To be honest, fighting them head-on only ended up getting me killed at first. So all I did was glide around most of the time so they weren't able to land a hit on me and when I had the chance to rest, I'd cast thundaga, then attack probably Yuffie or Tifa, then continue to glide, repeating the...
  5. J


    They were still in the process of development at the time. Eventually, even Hollow Bastion was completely made over as well. I'll assume that Donald and Goofy scene seemed pretty irrelevant in the final cut. I do remember that clip very well though, it was amusing.
  6. J

    Save the Queen+?

    Yes, you can upgrade 'Save the Queen', all you have to do is check the option to use a serenity crystal in the synthesis shop and it's available. ^^ The difference is the upgraded item has an ability that helps with MP restoration while the original is mostly focused on healing and HP. The...
  7. J

    twilight shop

    Hm.. I kind of wondered it myself when I first saw the name, but I doubt it's the same person. It's probably just coincidence. =/
  8. J

    Yahoo Games review

    We have another winner... xD This isn't exactly new as it came out last week, but I thought I'd put this up for those who'd like to see another good review of the game - exclusively on Yahoo. Here it is:- http://videogames.yahoo.com/gamereview?cid=1951016789&tab=reviews&page=0&eid=448664
  9. J

    Fanfiction ► //An OffBeat Fantasy!~~

    Definitely, already I'm laughing at the humor. xD I also like that the heroine is unconventional, I'm wondering what will happen next.
  10. J

    Official Come wish everyone a happy KH2 day thread

    Happy KH2 day to you all! ^_^ It's now officially available in the U.S. I'll most likely get mine a little later though. xP *throws confetti*
  11. J

    help please

    Well, there's your answer. ^_^ I don't actually know yet what his summon is like, but I can guess that it will be very useful.
  12. J

    Keira Knightley (sort of) confirmed!

    Well, if she truly is doing the voice, I'm surprised they gave her the time with her busy schedule. But, still it's good! ^_^
  13. J

    Destiny Islands can u go back

    Yup, it's a shame but at least we have the other worlds to make up for it. I think the question's been answered. ^_^
  14. J

    i need some advice

    Well, Mulan's plot is pretty much the same in KH2, so you wouldn't be missing out that much. It would be best if you did watch it purely for entertainment value, if you want that is. xD The movie was good. ^_^ As for Tron, I don't remember it too much, but at this point I'll just have to learn...
  15. J

    KH2 English Commercial

    I believe they will too. I think they just want to maintain the excitement a little bit more, make us anxious. xP Maybe they'll show it this week, hopefully. =/
  16. J

    Sora lion attacks

    Re: sora loin attacks Alright, just to avoid further confusion, I'll edit the title to "lion" for you. ^_^ I can't wait to use him as a cub, his attacks should be interesting.
  17. J

    so confused....

    Sorry, but Amazon doesn't have the correct information as of yet. We all know it is to be shipped on the 28th. If anything, just go to a local games store and purchase it there.
  18. J

    Something about Gamestop

    Well, the general knowledge is that it will be shipped on the 28th to the stores. Either Gamestop gets it later or they're probably misinformed.
  19. J

    Hades Minions

    It would be good to notify people when you're talking about spoilers in the game. Please do that next time.
  20. J

    Kingdom Hearts II Novel Revealed

    This is a nice surprise. ^_^ I wasn't expecting it to happen, but I definitely like the idea. Good find, Xaldin.