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    Favorite mission mode character?

    Luxord and Marluxia They both have awesome limit breaks! :D
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    Who played

    I'm going to start replaying Days on the weekend, but this time, in Proud Mode! 8D
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    Vanitas Unmasked.

    According to kostas: ___________________
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    Vanitas Unmasked.

    So Sora grew up and ended up looking like Van? Ooooh that would make sense! 8D
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    Vanitas Unmasked.

    Wow this is news to me! :O He looks like a goth Sora xD Thanks for sharing!
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    Ven = Kingdom Key? (358/2 days spoiler)

    Oh.... Whoops __________________________
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    Ven = Kingdom Key? (358/2 days spoiler)

    Really? I'm sure there was a discussion as to who it might be just a month or two ago.
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    358/2 days, saddest KH?

    Yeah but 'Sanctuary' came up and I was just like "Wow this game is so sad and amazing! :D"
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    Ven = Kingdom Key? (358/2 days spoiler)

    Hmm, I like this theory. It would make a lot of sense if Ven was the Kingdom Key and/or the voice in Sora's Station Of Awakening.
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    358/2 days, saddest KH?

    Days was by far the saddest in the series so far. This might sound lame but I almost cried when the credits came up xD
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    secret Boss

    I might've said Kefka until I read that. It's likely to be a character from the "mystery game" or KH3. I hope it is :D
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    Fantasia in BBS?

    I would like to see a Fantasia world. If I'm not mistaken, isn't Chernabog from Fantasia? Another round with him? Yes please! XD After there is still one more world to be announced.
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    Do you guys think Hades

    How could he mistake a guy for a girl? xD
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    Birth by Sleep(collector's edition)?

    A small artwork booklet. The soundtrack :3
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    they should make kh2 on other platforms like psp and ds

    You really want to down-grade it to psp/ds? What's wrong with it being on ps2?
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    No Olympus Coliseum in BBS?

    Also Halloween Town doesn't look like it will be in Coded.
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    Marluxia and Luxord

    Luxord isn't just obsessed about cards. He just likes gambling in general (stop dice reaction). And C.O is decorated with lots of white flowers. But I just prefer them the way they were. Marluxia - CoM Luxord - KH2.
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    Spoiled the game...

    She is the second to last boss. The last boss is......... :D
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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    No Luxord!?!?! :O I guess it'll have to be Xemnas then.
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    1 day away from Europe!!!

    Please tell me you're joking, please, PLEASE!!! D: I've preordered mine from GAME and they say they have the games in a back room and will release them on Friday. Maybe it's just the Nintendo site that got it wrong. I cannot wait any longer! >.<