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  1. khconnect

    New KH 3D Scan

    I've been looking at the pic of them crossing blades, and I'm really sure that it's Sora and Riku when there younger. Cause Riku is wearing gloves and sora has the short round type of pants on with his legs showing... Just saying. But can't wait for more info!
  2. khconnect

    Re:Coded summary/connections & KH3D spectulations

    Re: Coded summary/connections & KH3D spectulations That's the first I've heard of it, but thank you too Sign
  3. khconnect

    Re:Coded summary/connections & KH3D spectulations

    Re: Coded summary/connections & KH3D spectulations "sigh" I fail lol, but thank you for pointing that out. I was watching part of the original kingdom hearts at the time and Cid was stuck in my head lol. I've fixed it now ^_^
  4. khconnect

    Re:Coded summary/connections & KH3D spectulations

    Re:Coded summary/connections & KH3D spectulations After piecing everything together on the newly released kingdom hearts recoded, I've put together a speculation on the main plot for kingdom hearts 3D and most likely those to follow (due to not being able to fit everything into just that game)...
  5. khconnect

    KH BBSFM trailer

    Eraqus is going to be awsome!!! I think the cloaked figure will play an important role in why we fight him and Eraqus. Probably the mysterious figure connects to the beginning of the organization and now we see what/where Eraqus's heart went. This could be in Terra's heart, like the memories of...
  6. khconnect

    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) Actually I found the Japanese voices to fit more. Terra had a more think earthy toned voice, Aqua a gentle but sturdy tone, and Ven with his kidish saddness. MX did sound more evil but it fit and ATW was way more old and crippling in the Japanese version (which is...
  7. khconnect

    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) lol wasn't thinking... but hopefully it'll be better when were all actually playing the game.
  8. khconnect

    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) It is a disappointment on the voice acting (lack of sooo much emotion). I did enjoy a few scenes with a good amount of emotion from the three main characters, but it's sad that ATW is being done by Corey Burton and not Christopher Lee. Plus how some of the old...
  9. khconnect

    UK's Official Nintendo magazine looks forward to KH3DS(Scan)

    Now Nomura says Kingdom Hearts 3D will focus on "trust", maybe making the title be "3 Decisions". I say that because it seems to focus on Sora's journey to free those in torment and Nomura said it will focus on the the current titles maybe meaning BBS which can also stand for the three main...
  10. khconnect

    KH3D, Tetsuya Nomura, full interview.

    What bothers me is what the"3D" stands for. Now that we know the game will focus on "trust", perhaps it could mean "3 Decisions" for the purpose of BBS. Since in BBS we have three hero's that undergo a test of trust and friendship. Now focusing on Sora and Riku in 3D, to go out and begin their...
  11. khconnect

    UK's Official Nintendo magazine looks forward to KH3DS(Scan)

    Nomura said that the game takes place at the same time as the current ones... well the question is which ones lol (we have right now BBS & Re:Coded) . I would believe that this takes place with coded, probably the start of Sora's journey to save those that are tormented.
  12. khconnect

    New Re:coded "Special trailer".

    This game is really becoming more promising then BBS. Though it's on the DS, they really have stepped up to make this one look outstanding. Plus we know the story, but now even more secrets will be within this remake ^_^
  13. khconnect

    New BBS Trailer and Nomura Interview!

    Ya Someone is terrable. But actually not just him but others as well. Both Aqua and Terra need more emotion (Terra needs extra lol). MX is getting a bit better I guess, but at the very end it sounded like he was sick of his lines and just wanted to do home lol. As for Malificent and some others...
  14. khconnect

    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    Nomura even said it was someone new who happens to fit in with the time period.
  15. khconnect

    New July Trailer!

    Re: bbs new trailer Ven is shown the most because in BBS we find out his connections to Sora, which is a sort of major event. For Aqua, well this is her story in a way. For how she is the one to care for the other two and still be the only one to survive all this. And Terra still probably...
  16. khconnect

    Organization member #0

    Wow I really like that thought. It would make a bit of sense with why the guy is fighting Aqua, like a test. But just to play it safe, I'll stick with my statment. I won't say much, but I do have a tiny source ^.^ Well we do know that MX is so far the very first to wear the cloak, but how are...
  17. khconnect

    Organization member #0

    Thank you, but lets all try and remember this forum, cause who knows what the future holds.
  18. khconnect

    Organization member #0

    lol, What I feel like saying now is that Sora's going to be in a world of hell when facing this guy. Anger can be a dangerous weapon when combined with the darkness in ones heart. #0 is the result of true despair, but as we all see in these kinds of situations... Sora's gonna try nad be friends...
  19. khconnect

    Fate of vanitas

    I say we will return, not for the fact of yin and yang, but becuase no one ever dies in kingdom hearts. If you were to go through every main characters death, theres a good chance of a return. And by the looks of things, in KH3 or which ever game MX plans to reappear, Vanitas will be with him.
  20. khconnect

    Organization member #0

    If you want to go into that stuff, I think her grandmother might be somewhere still. Mabe not in whole, but mabe as a spirt of light.