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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    I'm kind of in the same boat. My parents are religious, though I've never heard them really say any thing about homosexuality, which just means that I have no idea how they would react. For a long time I wasn't okay with it myself because of my religion and the result was I just really hated...
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    Why did the DtL need to open?

    I felt like the Door to Light just being a passageway back home was incredibly anticlimactic. =/ I was thinking more along the lines of eliminating the Heartless and reuniting all the worlds, but I guess not.
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    riku's eyes

    The blindfold wasn't explained very well, but I always figured that it held back his darkness and kept him from becoming Xehanort's Heartless. When Riku met up with King Mickey in Days, he had taken the form of Xehanort's Heartless, but when he put the blindfold on again, he returned to normal...
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    Fun (yet random) things you can do in KH1.

    This is making me nostalgic. (: I'm pretty sure I've done all these things... Except for peeking at Jane's undies xD KHII didn't have very many random fun things such as these. And that makes me sad. ;(
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    Battle of 1000 Nobodies?

    I don't really know how you can miss it. o.o After fighting Demyx at Hollow Bastion, teaming up with the FF characters to fight some Heartless, and finding out that *SURPRISE* Goofy's not dead, Sora comes face to face with 1000 Heartless and then you get to fight them.
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    Footage of BbS Demo @ E3!!!!

    The sad thing it that he seemed to think that he's just oh so cool for whining about a video game for completely stupid reasons. xD
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    Help/Support ► Girl Trouble (I think this is the 5th one today lol)

    Then spend time together as friends until you get over the awkwardness, then try asking her out. Besides, if you get to know each other better beforehand that'll probably just give the relationship a better foundation if you do start dating.
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    Help/Support ► Girl Trouble (I think this is the 5th one today lol)

    How about you, y'know, spend time together after school..? Seems like an easy solution to me.
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    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    I think it's Sora. We already have an obscene amount of Soras running around. Why not add one more?
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    What do you think the "3D" stands for?

    A Kairi scenario, perhaps? ;D Most people here would throw hissy fits if that were true, but personally a Kairi scenario would make me very happy, especially since she's the only member of the original trio who hasn't been playable. =/ I do like the title 3 Dreams though, since the whole...
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    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    Oh dear... Master Xehanort sounds dreadful. D:
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    Xigbars unnecessary censoring

    I really don't care... it's such a minor change and really has no effect on the game.
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    I hope this game picks up fast...

    Personally, I'd say that the opening of KHII was the best part. There was actual character development! And story! And then it was all downhill from there...
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: VA Discussion Thread But Utada Hikaru, who sang the theme songs for the series thus far, is fluent in both English and Japanese. If the Japenese voice actors tried to pronounce the English words without knowing how or what the words mean, it would probably end up being a mess. D:
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    Vanitas and the Golden Eye

    You can see his mask in the picture... The picture of Ven is only a reflection on Vanitas' mask. ;D
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    Full Famitsu Scans

    Re: Famitsu Scans (Lea + Isa) EDIT: 3 more full pages But I wouldn't think that there would be much interworld travel back then except for Keyblade wieders riding their Keyblademobiles around... Honestly, I think it's because there are only a few original worlds in which to put the true...
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    I think that Xehanort (the apprentice) probably remembered that symbol, and edited it into the Heartless and Nobody symbols. That seems to make sense, at least.
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    Full Famitsu Scans

    Re: Partial Famitsu Scans (Lea + Isa) Uh... what? Ienzo is one of Ansem's apprentices. He was involved with the inhumane experiments Xehanort conducted, along with the others. Besides, since Lea and Isa are kids, they obviously don't become Nobodies for at least five or so years after Birth...
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    Like inflicting physical pain on other people? ;D
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    Well, I actually had a dream the other night that he was in BbS, and his name was Myde. o.o As impressive as it is that my subconscious can decode anagrams, I don't think that Demyx's human form will be in BbS. Larxene's voice actress hasn't done any work on BbS, and since the other VAs all...