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  1. KH3 for the wii

    Buying A PSP just for BBS?

    The problem isn't really whether or not buiying a PSP, but getting my parents to let me buy one with my own money. Any Strategies? Striking a deal with them might work, but doubtful. My Grades are top 10% in my school so I don't really get why they won't let me.
  2. KH3 for the wii

    Buying A PSP just for BBS?

    I would probably buy, BBS, Crisis Core, Dissadia, Maybe a Battlefront game, and I'm not sure about Peace Walker.
  3. KH3 for the wii

    Buying A PSP just for BBS?

    If I'm going to get a PSP what should I do about convincing my parents. They've already told me no...
  4. KH3 for the wii

    Buying A PSP just for BBS?

    I've wanted a PSP for a while, but I got a DS instead. My parents are the type who will not let me spend my own money on video game systems. It took 4 years of arguing to let me buy a PS2. So do you think it is worth it to go through arguing and spending money on a PSP to play Birth by Sleep...
  5. KH3 for the wii

    My first in a while

    I figured that I'd have another go at making sigs with Gimp. CnC please.
  6. KH3 for the wii


    That's not really at all what I expected, but it is fine.
  7. KH3 for the wii

    Almost one year...

    Wow! In one week I will have been here for a year. I am making this thread early because I will be out of town next week and will not be able to get on a computer. I can't believe that it has been this long. I have taken a few hiatuses though. But I feel kind of separated from the KH...
  8. KH3 for the wii

    New V Jump Scan + Another World Confirmed for Days

    That's actually a really cool looking world.
  9. KH3 for the wii

    My first pop-out

    This is my first pop-out signature. It's not very good but I thought I might post it and get some (hopefully constructive) criticism. CnC?
  10. KH3 for the wii

    Help/Support ► Thank you in Japanese?

    I always heard it as Domo Arigato. But I think the short version like "thanks" is arigato
  11. KH3 for the wii

    My First Animated Signature

    This is my first "animated" sig using GIMP and GAP. The first sig is the one I made, and the second was made for me at another forum. You can critique those sigs if you would like. And I would also like to know if the animation is ok.
  12. KH3 for the wii

    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    OK I just got this game today And I love it. Does anyone acctually fight with Shiki a lot? I seldom use or care about her. Except when she gets the Sync pin.
  13. KH3 for the wii

    did america release a commercial for kingdom hearts re chain of memories

    I haven't seen or heard of one. Yet it still seems to be selling well.
  14. KH3 for the wii

    LoZ Signature

    I'm a little bit happier with this sig mainly because I cut it out better. CnC?
  15. KH3 for the wii

    PSP or New DS?

    Ok I have a dilemma here. I could either get a PSP of a new DS. I already have a DS but the touch screen in messed up. It always has pressure on the left side. I don't need the touch screen to play my favorite games though. Like FF IV. But I do need it to play Phantom Hourglass. I think it...
  16. KH3 for the wii

    A Limited Edition 358/2 Days DSi is in the Works!

    Ok sorry i didn't look at a date.
  17. KH3 for the wii

    A Limited Edition 358/2 Days DSi is in the Works!

    I was just browsing the net and I found this picture. supposedly its a picture of the Days DSi. I don't think this looks to great. And it might b fake cuz theres another picture of it with a GBA slot. I found it here with other pictures. Neowin Forums > Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DSi...
  18. KH3 for the wii

    A Limited Edition 358/2 Days DSi is in the Works!

    Sweet I have an old DS so Z think i might get this.
  19. KH3 for the wii

    xion's somebody

    We don't know for sure. But It's confirmed that she is a nobody.
  20. KH3 for the wii

    Screenshots from English Re: Chain of Memories

    I like the looks of this. I'm just glad we get it in English. I loved CoM. and can't wait for this!