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    Missing a chest in Dive to the Heart

    Here's a tough one, i'm trying to complete my journal for kh2 and i am missing one chest in the entire game so far, and that is the one Potion at the Station of Serenity during the Dive to the Heart, and as far as i know, there is no possible way of getting back there to get my missing chest...
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    Your favorite quote from Roxas and Sora in KH2

    Roxas:Sora....you're so lucky...cause my summer vacation is.......over! *tear*
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    Did anyone else notice...?

    I thought it looked like the symbol that glows on the floor when you perform "trinity limit" in KH1. I couldn't see anything else, i'll just watch it again and look for it.
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    Sympathy anyone?

    It means destiny islands.
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    Who will tape the KH2 cutscenes?

    not the whole game, just the cutscenes, it really only takes like 3 hours to watch from beginning to end, it's just like a long movie.
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    Who will tape the KH2 cutscenes?

    Who will tape the Kh2 cutscenes, kind of to make your own library of the story of KH2, which is a big part of the game. I did it for the first one, and i am really glad i did, because there were days that there really was nothing on tv, so i popped in some of my Kh tapes and "watched" the game...
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    One Last Strategy Guide Question...

    no, it would NOT be worth it because the LE one is the regular one and MORE. And it comes in a hard cover, so nothing will happen to it.
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    which one?

    i'll find out tomorrow. we should do a huge poll tomorrow when most will have the guide
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    Not excited anymore..

    that's a shame
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    KH2 vs. LOST on Wed. Night

    Anybody else for the LOST side. I'm sorry, but it is really THE best show on tv.
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    KH2 vs. LOST on Wed. Night

    I was just wondering if anyone besides me have this problem. Tomorrow afternoon is when i plan on getting KH2 and i wont be able to play until the night, but then i thought of something. Tomorrow night is also a LOST night, and it is a brand new episode. I am addicted to LOST too, not as much as...
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    What was your game store conversation like?

    This is how mine went, completely funny: you'll like this. EB:Hi thanks for calling eb games........ Me: Yea, i preordered a game, and i was just wondering if....... EB:-Kingdom HEarts 2 Me: Yea, do you guys have it...... EB: That's what i thought, i've been getting hundreds of calls for that...
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    All work and no play

    Me and my friend are going to literally FLY out of school like there was a going to be an explosion in two seconds and then off to eb's and gamestop to get it. Then we both have to get ready for a National Honor Society banquet at 6. Maybe i will get home in tome to play i little, but if i start...
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    Comprehensive Kingdom Hearts II Source

    that was really cool, i didn't see the 30 sec KH2 commercial, just the 15 sec one.
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    Technically we can't play KH2 until the 29th

    yea, i have been counting down to the 29th instead of the 28th, because why would you count down to a day when you can't even play the game. I made that mistake of confusing shipping date, and sale date. With CoM, i went to the store on the release date to get it and the guy's like "yeeeeaaa...
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    KHII Strategy Guides.....

    The limited edition should be in stores around 1-2 o clock on March 23rd. there.
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    I got a box of candy after i reserved it. The guy over the counter said, "Thanks a lot for pre ordering Kingdom Hearts 2, you just made a bunch of fanboys so happy, here you go, take some candy." Then i was like cool, Kingdom Hearts 2 tastes so gooood!! lol
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    Awesome Link

    How's that english trailer, worth checkin out?
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    How many of your friends know/played kh1?

    I only have one friend who plays KH, and he likes it, but he's not as crazy about it as i am. I am in the process of hooking someone else to it but it is going to take a little convincing. Oh god, i sound like a crazy person who wants to spread a disease. Well anyway, i just want some people to...
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    I've been having these weird thoughts lately...

    You know, i've been thinking, everyone could be overlooking this ideas set up during the first few seconds of the original. "Ive been having these weird thoughts lately, like is any of this for real, or not!" Do you think that at the end of the KH series, whenever that would be, that Nomura...