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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: KH2 Final Mix + Secret Movie + Next CoM? duh. we will get a LOAD of info at TGS. I can't wait. Even if it doesnt come out in English, I can still look at the new cutscenes on the internet. This is gonna be freakin awesome! (Although part of me wishes Nomura would be working toward a...
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    Boxers or briefs

    i'm not sure if there have been threads like this before, but. be honest whitey-tightey guys... do you wear boxers or briefs? i personally prefer wearing boxers because 1) they are cool 2)briefs are too small i still have some underwear from when i did wear them, but i am all boxer boy now.
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    Final Fantasy XII Official Website

    All right. Kingdom Hearts has introduced me to the world of RPG's. And now I am a Final Fantasy friek as well as a Kingdom Hearts friek. So I am going out of my mind waiting for Dirge of Cerberus and FF3 DS and Final Fantasy XII. The official Final Fantasy XII website on the official Square-Enix...
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    Help! PLEASE VIEW!

    I want to put the Deep Dive video (the secret ending to KH: fINAL MIX) on my iPod video, but I need a Quicktime file to download it from instead of a windows. GIVE ME A LINK FOR DEEP DIVE THAT I CAN DOWNLOAD TO MY iPod! PLEASE!!!!!!! I just wanna put one video on my iPod! please help me and give...
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    Ansem or Xehanort's Reports?

    The Xehanort Reports (known as Ansem's Reports in Kingdom Hearts 1) and the Ansem's Reports (known as Secret Ansem's Reports in KH2) are confusing me. I have read both completely and thoroghly, but i still have questions. It says in the Ansem's Report 5 in KH1 that "Ansem" watched a meteor...
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    Namine` theme

    Naminè has a theme? I don't know what you're talking about. I have probably heard it before, I'm just not sure what you're talking about.
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    Question in KHCOM!!

    namine is kairi's nobody! if he likes kairi, it would be weird if he didn't like namine.
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    Something I never noticed about the Nobody Symbol...

    that's cool. knowing nomura, he probably did it for some reason...i dont know why though
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    I discovered something really cool!

    I don't know if this has been posted already, but I was looking through the Secret Ansem Reports , and I found the names of Ansem's 6 apprentices - Xehanort, Blieg, Dilin, Even, Eleus, and Ienzo. Ansem always talked about in the first couple Reports how Ienzo had spurred him (in other words...
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    what did you miss?

    what did you miss about KH2 that was in KH1? I think i missed the harmless mushroom heartless that give you a bunch of items. But I missed a lot more than that. Like flying. And Chernabog, He needed to be in there too. What else did you miss about KH2?
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    Which twilight town music do you like more?

    Roxas' music is cool. Sora's TT music is too high pitched.
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    new theory. yeah, again. (kh2 spoilers)

    yes, sora has a heart. roxas doesn't. axel's human form, or his other, has a heart too; axel didn't. and i am pretty sure axel said in CoM that sora turned into a heartless, but came back to life, and only one other person had done that. so if it is Xemnas who did that, and not axel, then that...
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    new theory. yeah, again. (kh2 spoilers)

    i've been thinking lately. and first i want to tell u to have open minds, so no flaming. none of u know what kh3 is gonna be like (if u do, u have a really good source), but anyway. in CoM or KH2, U remember axel said that sora and he had more in common than sora thought. and later, u find out...
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    question about FFXIII and FFvs.XIII

    first I'd like to ask what on earth the FFvs.XIII is. the second question is if you can give me the video that gave KHInsider their two pics because I haven't seen a video for it yet. overall, just explain what the two games are for me, i'm very confused. thanks:D
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    where is this place *spoilers* alil bit

    it's the beach of the world of darkness. I promise. it says it somewhere, i know
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    ugliest Organization member?

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    Ff7 Again

    so , i've heard rumors about square making a remake of FF7 for the ps3. i went to ign and saw a preview and it looks cool. i've never played ff7 so i wanna get this one, even though it may take awhile for them to make it. UNLESS they saved the original copy on a computer and could in some way...
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    Organization XIII questions (SPOILERS I GUESS)

    u got me. on every question. well, let's hope there is a KH3 and maybe then we will know the answers.
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    hey! by the way, do you notice how xemnas is ansem jumbled up without the x in it, just like roxas is sora mixed up without the x, just like xehanort is "No Heart" jumbled up without the x.
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    Beat the game Sat, how about you?

    beat it yesterday cause of that retard xigbar, but i finally was able to dodge the attack that kept on killing me. p.s. i love the ending! and i want to know soooooooooooooo bad what king mickey wrote in that letter, but i kinda don't cause i'm an antispoiler for KH3!!!!!!!!