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    How to activate certain moves?

    Of course there are abilities that you have to press with timing and the square button. Like the one that makes fire blast up from the ground and lets you continue as an air combo. Press square to make it the final attack, or during the final blow, press square to do that after it. I don't...
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    So What Exactly Was the Sora/Roxas Fight?

    What exactly was it? How could Sora and Roxas fight if Roxas is inside Sora? And Why would Roxas be mad at Sora? I did not understand that part at all.
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    Fight Seifer at the End of the Game???

    Seifer is taken care of :)
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    Fight Seifer at the End of the Game???

    Ok, off to beat hayner more times...
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    Unlocking Paradox Titan Cup

    Ugh, summons are so crappy I haven't even used them at all. This might get annoying.
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    Fight Seifer at the End of the Game???

    I wonder if he's talking about some other kind of experience other than EXP.
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    Unlocking Paradox Titan Cup

    Yeah, it won't do it for me either. It says level 80, all my drives are max level, I'm level 82, I've beaten Sephiroth, what else is there?
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    Fight Seifer at the End of the Game???

    Ok, so I was running around doing mini games and such so I could complete Jiminy's journal and get the secret ending. And I was in Twilight Town and I talked to the fat anouncer dude and he said "Struggle R is open! Register at the board!" So I went to the board and it says... Enter...
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    Final Form Help -.-

    I am getting really annoyed. It won't give me it either. I've driven countless times, I've gone everywhere, I've even done everything to get Ultima Weapon and I'm almost level 60. It still won't give it to me and it's getting really annoying.
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    Another minor censoring thing...

    I dunno, but Faith seems more religious to me than holy...
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    Another minor censoring thing...

    Oh, haha. WOW. I am an idiot. I kept going "where was there holy in FFVII...?" Wow I feel like a moron...I kept thinking of usable magic.
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    Another minor censoring thing...

    Oh. I guess I didn't notice that he wasn't using a gun. How did he hit me then? It would seem weird though...a gun in KH... BTW, what is the "mild blood" that KHII is rated for?
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    Another minor censoring thing...

    Why did they change the weapon anyway? Was it shaped weird...?
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    Another minor censoring thing...

    What other things did they edit in KHII? I don't even remember there being a holy or pearl in FFVII. Was it an enemy skill? Edit: Oh, wow I'm dumb. Duh, Aeris' holy.
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    I don't understand this Orichalcum+ thing. it says in the strategy guide that you need 13 of them to get Ultima Weapon, and yet aren't there only 7 in the world? It makes no sense.
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    KH Anime Basically Confirmed

    Sorry if this has been posted already. Go over to kh-2.net to read the full article. At the SE press conference Nomura gave a speech. Mostly about Comp. of FFVII and Era Clash. Then talked about the future of KH. Confirmed NO KHIIFM. Then he said "I will not be making a direct sequal. Fns...
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    afterthoughts ect......N/A version only!!!!!!!!

    Dude, like nobody even has the game yet. Stupid Gamestop doesn't get it in til tommarrow morning...
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    Big Spelling Error In Khii

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=KmR0Ty1QvCs In that video, it shows the coliseum battles. Every match says "MACTH" instead of "MATCH." How much more of an obvious error can you have? This is the beta version, right? They better have fixed this before they finalized it.
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    Is this different from the japanese version?

    In this new english vid from kh-vids, it shows Xemnas, Saix, Sora, Kairi, and Riku. I've watched all the cutscenes from the world that never was in japanese, but I do not remember Sora dna Kairi hugging. I could just be forgetting. COuld someone who still has the file of the japanese...