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    Zexion Weapon

    I just had a question. In Kingdom Hearts 2 the whole reason why Zexion's weapon wasn't shown because it was important. Now i just read the interview and its a book?
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    Namine & Kairi

    ok i get it thanks alot everyone
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    Namine & Kairi

    so Namine is part of Sora and Kairi so is that the same for Roxas
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    Namine & Kairi

    i was just reading secret ansem report 9 and 10 about how Namine came to be but can someone explain it in simple terms because it was a little confusing?
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    Messages From Square

    I know this is kinda a release date thread but im not sure i sent a message to square awhile ago and this is what i got back "Dear Customer: Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We hope this letter answers your questions. Kingdom Hearts II will ship to retailers on March 28, 2006...
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    LE Guide Info Page

    can anyone tell me the price of the limited guide in canadian... i converted $29.99 to canadian which is $35 so im guessing its $39.99
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    i was so excitied when i saw the date. i came on the site and i wasnt expecting the release date i was so happy. i had to tell someone i went to my sis and she looked at me like what are you talking about lol
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    Opening Scene

    Hey i was wondering in the begin where Sora is fighting Marluxia and then you see Riku... why does Sora have King Mickey's keyblade? if there's a deeper meaning that will give away the story don't answer please because i dont want to know but i put this in here because i didn't not if it was a...
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    Roxas voice actor

    in the japanese version is there two different voices?
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    Roxas voice actor

    but there two different people even though there kinda the same
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    Roxas voice actor

    Hey i was just wondering who the voice actor for Roxas would be because i was reading another forum and it said Haley Joel Osment would be doing both but would that be kinda wierd?