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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    Hahahaha this topic got popular. As for the freaking losers saying get a gf, seriously you guys shouldn't be talking. If you so strongly feel like these is a board for gf/bf less people, then why do you waste your time posting here, shouldn't you be out with your girlfriend? Or wait, maybe it's...
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    Huge question about Roxas the org and Kingdom Hearts

    Roxas was a nobody, who just like the rest of the nobodies in the org, who wanted to be real, or to exist. Saix said that each heartless slain by the keyblade adds to kingdom hearts (as long as they collect the hearts). Once kingdom hearts is full of hearts, they can use the power to make...
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    Sanctuary ~hyper mix~!!!

    Lol just use audiacity and increase the tempo, that'll automatically make the voices higher and more girlish, it'll also make the song fast. You can even edit it so the song is fast but in a deep voice, it's really easy just use audiacity it's free EDIT: gah, I forgot you simply set the tempo...
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    However in exchange for not being able to drive you get to
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    Key to light I too beat him at lvl 45 Proud Mode, believe me it took a while, however lol, I used the oathkeepered which I now regret because it really didnt benefit me at all. It wasnt so hard all that was really needed to be done at first was allow him to use sin harvest (where u can react)...
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    1000 K Heartless... 3rd Time's the Charm

    I did the same thing, however it started getting REAL boring. So i incorperated some fire and thunder lol. (I didn't even use potions tho)
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** How does it contradict itself? MMO's can have story lines (quests). But at the same time there are many players
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** You know I'm really starting to think the game is going to become a MMORPG. Nomura said it was going to be more then just a game. Not only that, but like other MMORPG's, there will be some story line. That also could explain the gaps of the...
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** Heya guys well I have two theories, they may be old ones but here's what I have to stay. 1. kh3 will be a huge multiplayer online game. This could explain the ridiculus amount of keyblades, and who the thrid enemy is, the keyblade masters...
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    Lmfao Halloween Town Lol!

    Lol dude thanks for calling my a smarty, however you might be a dummy cause it was in halloween town
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    Let's make this game harder

    Lol but that would be so annoying switching all the time. Youd be switching more then fighting. I dunno weapons can make a load of difference but not to me. I never equip anytihn to my allies. And the only thig I equip to my self is ap pluses. The only keyblades I used were kingdom key ten oath...
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    Lmfao Halloween Town Lol!

    lol you havent started playing yet ur on the spoiler forum? don't spoil yourself to much
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    Lmfao Halloween Town Lol!

    Umm I can't find any sorry, but it's way funny
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    Um lol that was an odd way to say no violent. But yes he does join your party for a little bit. (before the 1k heartless fight)
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    Lmfao Halloween Town Lol!

    Dude I know what the hell, every disney world had a relationship. it was so messed up.
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    Let's make this game harder

    PFFT most of your ideas are not possible for the game For all those people saying that this game is too easy well i have a few challenges. 1. play on proud with only using the kingdom key. This is one of the only ones that are possible 2. use no magic what so ever. Impossible grim reaper...
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    Lmfao Halloween Town Lol!

    But still when you remember someone, one of the things you remember is their height, meaning you also remember their relative height, or their height compared to yours. If it showed how Sora really remembered Kairi, Kairi would have been taller. This is because memory is partially relative. In...
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    Lmfao Halloween Town Lol!

    Lol I just saw that scene again, you know the end of halloween town second visit when Sora imagines he's dancing with kairi. Lol Sora is like 2x as big as her. It's so funny. Like an adult with a child lol. Dunno I just saw that scene again and burst laughing
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    KH2 Game from america working on a british PS2?

    Not only do you need Swap Magic 3.6 to make your ps2 run the game. You need to change the output of your tv. Since your TV is in PAL, running an NTSC game on a PAL tv will cause the game be black and white and spazzy even if you get the PS2 to run the game, I wrote a guide about this on this...
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    Lol I was gonna say Tsk it's Chakram, not chalkram. And yes you can buy them on Ebay, it was Xena's weapon