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    Is this in the game?

    i didn't even think about that part when i played the game until now that is messed up fo real
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    new clothing

    soras is the best idk riku's is alrite but it seems a lil small to me but maybe its my imagination
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    favorite heartless or kh2 villian

    4 some reason mine is maleficent she seems so powerful but she was easy to beat lol
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    Favorite Drive Form

    i like the brave form cuz sora looks tight as hell wit that red suit and + red is my favorite color
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    u kno who i hate

    This post was edited because: This guy's demented
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    The Rumor Of Vincent Comes Again With Power

    pretty harsh drkness but i like it
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    does BHK have a crush/girlfriend?

    i don't think he would have a girlfriend
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    Jack Sparrow

    i hope its a very large world and there won't be a dull moment, like deep jungle with the stupid gorillas
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    oh hold on for a sec let me look at my game.......... what the hell how are we suppose to know if we can do flips in the game
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    someone said.......

    there is way way more than just going back to kairi like the organization and stuff
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    Loads of new pics from ign

    *bitch slaps KL for just being a bitch*
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    Ilago a good guy now?

    kL what the hell are u talking about
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    Ilago a good guy now?

    u didn't know iago was a good guy
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    Loads of new pics from ign

    yeah the ign pics are way better than some other sites but aren't those all old
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    Wtf Is This!!!!!!!!!

    i have no idea but this release date business is getting on my nerves, i just want the stupid game to come out already AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.
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    new girl?

    thats what i'm sayin
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    hahahahaha i guess your right
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    a guy can still dream
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    wow thats pretty cool in that case i hope they put them in the game
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    who knows and who are all those characters u named