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    anyone beat Sora's story

    Well, someone did beat it, but they're not here.
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    Master Yen Sid

    Yen Sid when he disappeared he looked like he was gonna turn into a Dusk like one of those fake things. He could be hiding something.
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    Does the Japanese version of KH2Final Mix+ work only on Japanese PS2s?

    Sigh... This has been answered like 500 times back in December 05.. Yes you need a Japanese PS2. But you can buy a chip thing or something to modify your Playstation 2 to play Japanese Games.
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    Theater Mode?

    Try looking on GameFaqs. It might help.. Unless you already did that... Try looking at other videos.
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    KH2 Character songs!

    How about some sort of, flower song? Or maybe some sort of 70s music. Everybody Dance Now? It kinda fits.
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    Organization XIII Data Battles

    Wow, someone actually beat Lexaeus and Xaldin in Critical? I would give you rep if these were downloadable. But they're not. But good job.
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    Enigmatic Soldier Questions

    Youtube is your friend when finding videos. Except when you need to download them, it's a pain. By the way, this isn't really a question, it's more like "where 2 fine vids of es?"
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    Possibly what the Keyblade looks like?

    That could be what DFKWU's keyblade looks like. For those thinking it looks like Bond of Flames, it looks nothing like it. I don't think it symbolizes anything.
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    About the Ultima Keyblade in the Trailer

    Yeah, at the first scene in the trailer you see Sora fighting Guard Armor.. But he has an Ultima Keyblade card! It wouldn't be really hard if the creators gave Sora that card in the beginning.. So.. why did they do that? Is it because they wanted to show it off?
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    Atlantica and Halloween Town?

    There was a scene for Atlantica in the trailer? Hmm, I guess I never really payed attention. If he was a fish in that world, then it would ruin the gameplay since he can swim over ledges.. So what's the point of that? And they would need to add more extra combos to it in battle.. So yeah...
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    KH2FM+ Trailer Subbed+Translated

    Whoa, I love you guys. (Not in that way) I've always wondered what they said, even though I got bits and pieces of translations. Thanks for translating it. :D
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    Limit Form: just a thought

    Hasn't anyone thought that Limit Form might bring MORE powerful limits with your allies, other than giving you special abilities?
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    KH2: FM+ Site Music For Download

    Nah it has to be a cutscene or a FMV scene because the song is WAY too short.
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    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    Zexion, that battle looks REALLY tight. Besides, we barely even see him in KH2.
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    Do U Think That KH2MX+ will release in NA

    There's a very high chance it might come to NA because Square Enix will know it will piss us off. But they might keep the Japanese voices in Re:CoM.
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    Do U Think That KH2MX+ will release in NA

    They will since the KH2 english version isn't any different in the japanese version.
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    green drive form

    Purple Form... hmm.. It could be a type of abnormal form.. That causes silence, darkness, slow, and.. death. Nah.. I don't think that will work out too good. (Oh yeah, Japanese Girl, you should edit your location.. Since the wii is about a month old.)
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    green drive form

    Final is the Silver form.. Unless you're talking about Silver the Hedgehog.. But.. they haven't made a purple drive form.. Or black.. unless you count Anti Form or his initial clothing. So it might not be green.. Or it might be.. since the chances are pretty high.
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    kh2 twilight town music

    I really see no difference between the two.
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    green drive form

    Hmm.. The alchemy idea isn't bad at all. In fact it might be possible. Or impossible.. Since, SE will have to make 150 models for every different combinations of items.